Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yesterday, I was helping Leia with a picture she drew.

Me: Let's write your name on it.
Leia:  Okay.
Me:  L-E-I-A, that's Leia!
Leia:  I not like I.  L-E-B.  That's my name.

Today I was helping her get ready for bed.  She has some "new" pajamas from a thrift store with Disney princesses on them and a pair of shorts that go with them.

Leia: I looking for my shorts.
Me: I don't see them, do you want these pants instead?  They'll be a lot warmer.
Leia: I need the shorts.
Me: Where did you take them off, I don't see them?
Leia:  I need the shorts.
Me:  Maybe you should just wear the pants instead.
Leia:  I NEED the shorts (add some more whine to her voice at this point)!
Me: Do you want to go to bed without any pajama bottoms?
Leia:  *Sigh*
Me:  Oh, here they are.
Leia:  *Smile*

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