Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Sometimes I just feel so blessed to live in the land of enchantment.  We've had several deer (8 one day!) in our yard quite often, and the weather is so nice- huge blue skies!  We are full into soccer season right now, like every year this time, and the camera shots we take of the kids are great, but the background views are equally stunning!  This morning was a rare cloudy day, but then cleared up after a couple hours.
These pictures are of Dallas's game on the big field for the older kids.  We're glad he's finally on the big field because it's where we live. 

Daisy fighting boredom. Up close / far away.

Dallas probably the best player on his team.  He's pretty equal with his friend Derek though who has great ball control, but D seems to be everywhere.  It's probably because he's played so many years, but, unfortunately the other players on his team are mostly new so it's a challenge.  Dallas just loves to have fun, but he also has a coach who's not very fun this year.  Everyone's a volunteer, so it's not like we are mad at her- she's doing the best she knows how!  But she goes over things he learned 5 years ago, so he doesn't get excited about practices anymore.  Dallas and Derek try to get her away from the boring drills of 'how to throw in a ball' by asking to play games (sharks and minnows) or just practice playing soccer, but it never works.  You can tell the kids on his team are newer players because they all chase the ball around like it's the nucleus, rather than playing their positions.  We understand, I mean, hey, it could be us who were the new ones, so it's no big deal.  But last game he blocked the other team from scoring a goal and then took the ball down the whole field to score himself because there was never anyone to pass to.  They get discouraged and give up and quit running.  Maybe we will try the challenge team next time.  It's just so much of a commitment!

A couple weeks ago, as he was driving the ball down the field a player fell on him.  It tripped him and he landed hard on his back.  I was too far away to tell what happened or if he was okay.  He got right up and I saw the ref talking to him and I saw him get a free kick.  I saw tear wiped away and he went on and finished the quarter.  Then his coach gave him a break and he came to me and let the tears come out.  But I made him laugh, and after a rest he was okay.  It's rough out there by this age.  He is U12 so that means anyone under 12 can play on his team, so he is a younger player at age 10.   He's always been taller than the kids his age, but I'm noticing they are all bulkier, so that makes a difference.  I see the other kids throwing elbows and shoving him, but he just doesn't return it since it's against the rules. 

Evan is on the field that is 25 minutes from home, so a bit farther, but still in our lovely East Mountains!
He has been scoring goals and playing better than ever!  (By the way, Sam didn't want to play this year, so he helps with Evan's soccer practices). Evan's friend Jacob from school is on the team and Jacob's mom is the assistant coach.  She is wonderful!  That's the first time Pat's had a functioning assistant coach and it is such a relief when he has to miss practice or a game because of a scout campout.  She arranges the snacks and party stuff too, and has given Evan many rides when I can't help because of my surgery.  Jessica is great! 

The fall is one of my favorite times here.  My huge sunflowers erupt, and the weeds are gone (because of all our hard work), and the sun shines warmly, but there is a cool breeze of fall.  We love hanging out on the front porch laying on the sidewalk. It is like medicine for my soul!  These cute kids sure help too!

Yesterday we had to bundle up for the soccer game because it was seriously cold.  Sweaters, layers of clothes and warm coats and blankets and we still ended up sitting in the car to watch D's soccer game.  He was out there in a t-shirt and shorts! 

Here's the pictures the kids tried to get of the deer.
Two deer.

I'm outta here!

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