Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First snow!

I sometimes update my posts later.  This is one of those times.  Just wanted to remember that today we woke up to about 2 inches of snow for the first snow of the season!  So early!!!

Daisy ran around yelling, "My mittens!  My mittens!", because there are several items of clothing, like the mittens, that we've been telling her she has to wait to wear until it snows.  Yea snow!!!

All the boys wanted to know was, "Can we stay home from school?"

I was volunteering again last week in Evan's class and I finished just as his teacher was taking the entire class to the bathrooms.  She yells "Attention!", and they march like the military, and go in by two's to use the bathroom.  When they're done they return to the line.  Silent.  At attention.

I was leaving Evan's class to go into Sam's, but watched them all lined up for the bathroom as I walked down the hallway. Suddenly Sam grabbed my hand!  He had been in the bathroom as well!  He had a bathroom pass around his neck.  He returned to his class and I busied myself looking at artwork in the hallway (and still peeping at Evan's class) while I waited 10 minutes for math to start.  But Sam returned almost immediately to the hallway, and said since he had finished his work, his teacher said he could hang out with me in the hallway!  I thought that was weird, but I was happy.  Then Sam saw Evan- at the front of the military bathroom line.  He waved at Evan- but Evan didn't wave back.

Sam said, "It's so weird that he doesn't even see me".

I replied, "Oh, he see's you.  He's not allowed to wave.  He's not allowed to move!  His teacher is really strict."

Sam said in awe, "Really?!"

Sam's teacher and Evan's teacher are night and day different.  And it's neat that I enjoy and appreciate them both.

More funnies from Evan's teacher:

"Your seat is a priviledge.  Sit on the floor."  (This happened to a couple kids while I observed them making too much noise with their chairs).

As she did a spelling test, I was impressed that, as she used the words in a sentence, the sentences were prepared and planned ahead of time and all having to do with things they were actually learning in science or history.  That is going the extra mile!

They played around the world again with their phonograms, and that was the most impressive thing I've seen so far!  The kids have these things they've memorized that have hand actions to help them remember the different sounds letters make in words.  So the teacher will show a flashcard of a certain sound (a letter with symbols) and then gives the kids a chance to answer with the correct rule.  They have to do the hand gestures and say it perfectly or they are out.  Most of the time they get it right, but once, three kids in a row messed up so she had the whole class say it- and they almost knocked me out of my seat.  It was like they suddenly broke into this perfectly choreographed dance with the words shouted out in perfect time.  It was impressive.  It is the RIGGS program, and it is a great tool for teaching anyone to read and spell really well.  They do the phonograms all the way up to 6th grade, but really only through about 4th grade. 

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Christy said...

Sounds like you have some good teachers. I love the 'chairs are a privilege', what a great way to deal with the problem and to help the kids realize they are lucky to have chairs. They have some wonderful techniques.

I cant' believe you have snow already. Our winter is being really late in starting. We are still having 70's and 80's. It is crazy and a little sad. I am ready for sweaters and boots!!