Sunday, October 27, 2013

You know you live in New Mexico when...

I made a bunch of breakfast burritos for the end of the season soccer party.  Pat was coaching so it was for his team of boys and their families.  I learned how to make Carne Adovada which is like pulled pork in really spicy red chili sauce.  It is delicious- a New Mexican favorite!  So I made a pan of breakfast burritos- some with carne adovada, and some without- thinking it'd be too spicy for the kids.  I mean this stuff had Pat gulping water!

I guess I should have realized New Mexicans can take it.  Within one minute, the carne adovada burritos were gone.  The kids would ask me, "Did I get one with carne?", and I would look at the markings on the foil and say, "Yes, so you might want to try the other kind- those are really spicy!", and they'd say, "I like spicy!", and they were eaten up!  I should have known better.  My kids were eating them too!  Eventually it all got eaten, but a bunch of sad people had to make due with plain hashbrown, egg, and cheese burritos.  (The game was early in the morning, hence the breakfast burritos.)

Anyway it was a great soccer season- Pat's team did terrific, and it was a fun team.  I love those!  Dallas's team did okay...

Now the random stuff:

Halloween men!  Sharon gave us these for no reason at all- I thought they were so cute!
We told Sam to take notes during conference...

A beautiful morning.  Pretty much every morning is a beautiful one here in New Mexico!   

Everyday attire.  It's either this or the cheerleader costume that she thinks is another princess dress.

She drew a picture of me and daddy.  Guess which one of us has pokey whiskers.

I was excited to get this paper from the school of their holiday program.  Neat songs that actually mention the true meaning of Christmas.

I was in a meeting, and flipped my planner to November to schedule something.  Unfortunately, my November was full.  Leia got there first.

Guess which boy's history test this is?  This same boy has a new test and has just as long a study sheet for that one including to know the original 13 colonies.  I really love this school.
Can you tell someone's getting teeth?  Two on bottom, and two on top!
He just learned to stand himself up and sits down and stands up again over and over again.

He is super cute!  Everyone loves Charlie! 

All the boys had a friend over after school and we roasted marshmallows and made smores in the front yard.

Last week at church, Charles did this face non-stop for practically the whole three hours.  Everyone who saw him was taken aback at first and then when the face wouldn't stop, died laughing. 

We could not stop laughing.  It just felt fun to him, so he didn't want to stop!

I told her to clean the living room, and then she could watch a movie.  Best job she's ever done- even if it is all thrown behind the couch. 

The cheerleader outfit.

Sam's self portrait.  I'm sure glad I made him play piano for the primary program.  He and D did great!  He played I am a Child of God, and there were four verses, and the kids were singing two parts so it wasn't easy for a first time song- but he did it, no problem.  No messing up under pressure.  In fact, he shot me a look after each verse that said, "Didya see that mom?".  I wonder about this kid- he's sure neat.

D- hanging out in the pantry munching on whatever he can find.  I spend about a little less than $150 a week for groceries for our current family of 7.  I think that number is going to triple as these boys grow.

Charlie is practically crawling- but only backwards.  There he disappears under the bed!

*By the way- that test was for Evan- my 2nd grader.  They also did a neat thing recently regarding the Declaration of Independence.  They covered the windows so no light could get in, and no one could see in, and put a towel along the edge of the doors and pretended to be the real signers of the Declaration of Independence since if they were discovered they would have been hanged as traitors.  I love that.  He also has to build a simple machine soon too.  It's all just so neat.  I love visiting his classroom.  Sam's and Dallas's too. 


Christy said...

I cant' believe the kids liked the spicy ones. Too funny.

You are an amazing Mom!! Roasted marshmallows when friends come over, letting your kids wear their costumes all week (Sam has been Buzz Lightyear all week too.) Having your kids take notes at conference and playing the piano in the primary program!! You rock!!

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy, but I only blog the things that rock!

Oh and yes, her costumes are year round :)

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy, but I only blog the things that rock!

Oh and yes, her costumes are year round :)