Thursday, October 17, 2013

Song Lyrics

I am pretty terrible with music.  I can't ever hit the right notes except on rare occasions or with lots and lots and lots of practice.  I get the lyrics wrong to most songs I try to sing, Karisa always makes fun of me.  Always.  In the last couple of weeks though we had a couple chances when the tables were turned and they were funny enough that I thought I'd share them with the world (or the 2 readers we have, same thing).

The first mistake (which was actually the second but less funny so I'm sharing it first, but I digress) happened when we were listening to R.E.M a week ago or so.  When I say listening to R.E.M I mean we were listening to all their music.  It was my Friday off and that was our playlist for the day.  After we were finished Karisa started singing "If bushes were trees, the trees would be falling."  I looked at her and said "Weird, I always sang it 'If wishes were trees'- but I like your way better."  She looked it up and I was right, which was funny in itself.

The funnier time was about a month ago.  We were doing our evening chores and  put on a list of songs.  Karisa said it was time to turn the music off and I said wait, we need to finish the evening with an anti-war song, just for fun:

The song came on and Karisa looked at me puzzled and asked "This is an anti-war song?"  I threw back my head and laughed because she had to be joking.  When I looked at her again she was staring at ME like I was crazy and I threw back my head and laughed even louder because....well, because she was absolutely serious.  After a while when I could talk I said in a clear voice "War!  Huh...what is it good for?"  She looked puzzled and said "Weird, I always thought it was a cheer or exclamation.  Wuuuh, Huh!"  So then I teased her the rest of the night and we still laugh about it at odd moments.

In her defense that is how Jackie pronounces it which is probably where she heard it most:

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Christy said...

Too funny! Ben always listens to the music and rhythm more and I always listen to the lyrics.