Wednesday, October 30, 2013


D just finished speech therapy.  I've spent so much time and money on that- he could be a black belt by now.  I'm just so glad he's done and we finally found a good speech therapist!  She is now seeing Evan and Leia.  I think things are progressing since Leia (who is close to 4) doesn't call Sam 'ass' anymore.  Now she just calls him 'Aaah'.  She says almost everything backwards, cuts out sounds, replaces sounds with other sounds.  It's a mess.  And it's still so much better than when she started, poor girl.

On their last day together, our therapist, Rose, tried to teach Dallas to sound casual.  Like butter- we all say budder, but he pronounces the t's.

An aid at the school and a parent asked me one day where we were from.  I was so confused.  California?  When I asked what they meant they said they loved Dallas's accent!  They thought Dallas was from England!!  His teacher thought the same thing. 

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