Sunday, November 24, 2013

Airbender Birthday

We thought we'd try to have D's birthday party before it got too cold.  He never gets one because it's always too cold!  But as you can see, our plan backfired!  Last weekend it was perfectly sunny! 
Luckily we decided to have the party at the church since we wanted to play some games in the dark.  Here we are on our way!  (The next day, which is today, Sunday, they cancelled church because we got almost another foot of snow!)
D (smiling like a dork) and his friends (minus Larry who couldn't make it). They played games in the dark with glow in the dark bracelets like capture the flag, and zombie tag.
Trevor-friend from scouts, Micah-friend from church and D's class at school, Derek- friend from soccer for 6 years or so!
We had pizza and make your own sundaes with lots of toppings! 

And lots of other games with the lights on.

It was an Airbender party.  Here they are playing a game with their staffs.  We made each of them an airbender shirt which was so easy and inexpensive I wish I had figured that out before!  I decided to do the four elements for the next four years.  So this year was air, next water, then earth, then fire.  I already have ideas for all of them, but I'll tell you air was the hardest!!  What can you do with air?!  We know that a private hot air balloon trip would be hundreds of dollars, and we didn't want to ask our friend to take us up in his plane at this time of year, so I called the airport and asked the air traffic controllers if we could have a tour of their tower.  They're supposed to be calling me back, so maybe that will work out.  If not, this party was super fun for Dallas.  His first birthday party with friends and not just family!
Good thing we did it early to avoid the bad weather!!!

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Christy said...

Fun birthday party! What a great idea to do it at the church!