Sunday, November 17, 2013

Been makin' some jam for our neighbors.  I wish I could think of something to do for everyone at church.  There's just so many of them!  They all deserve something nice too for being such a great church family!  But I am happy that I am doing at least something early this year!!  We had a lot of fun doing this for family night.  And I was surprised at how helpful all those extra hands were!  It was really nice.
One person to fill the jar with hot jam and wipe rim (me), one person to hold the funnel, one person to put the sealing lid on, one person to screw the ring on, one person to put them all in the boiling water (Pat), and one person to take a nap (Charles).  And not one mess or burn.  I'd say we're growing up!
Raspberry jam is my favorite!  Recipe used:
They're so pretty!  Like jewels!

Charlie had a hard few weeks lately.  Teething and croup at the same time.  He used to be all smiley and now he seems so serious.  He's a thinking man I guess.  Thinking about the hard times he went through...  Oh and I love thrift stores.  I just got that entertainment center (real wood) for $65!  And I got D's new scout uniform (since he's about to be 11 and move up) for .25cents rather than $25!  Such a blessing!

And he has to be close to mom or else this face will emerge.  Dad is pretty okay too.

But we do get some smiles!

Mostly it's these two together while the big kids are at school.
Sister be smotherin' all the time.
I love, love, love them!
"I'm helping Charlie!", she says.
-at least that's what she thinks.  He's always annoyed at her.  They're really cute.  My mom says that's how me and Jeremy were.

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Christy said...

I love homemade jam. What a wonderful treat for your neighbors at church. Your oldest son looks SO MUCH like Pat. For a second there I thought it was a picture of him as a kid. So cute. I love your little guy and so sorry he is sick and not happy.