Saturday, November 2, 2013

Los Banderilleros-Happy Halloween

Mariachi Band

We took one picture because it was freezing and Evan was sick (we were all a bit sick) so it isn't great!  You know I've wanted to be a Mariachi band for forever, and we didn't even have to buy anything for this costume since we had the clothes and hats and red material.  I had two instruments, and Dallas made the rest out of cardboard. He can make anything out of cardboard!  Sam has the violin D made.  Pat is holding Charles so he couldn't hold the accordion D made him.  Evan was supposed to make a horn, but he was sick (can you tell?), so he just carried his recorder.  We also taught them two songs: Quizas, and Ay Amor (ya no me quieres tanto), which I have to say, was hilarious. They didn't learn them very well, but it was so funny trying.

Little mariachita.
 This was our dress rehearsal (below).  One person (Sam) did NOT want to be a Mariachi Band for Halloween.  Can you tell? 

So he agreed to pose for the picture at the top, and then dressed up in some random stuff for trick or treating.  All are happy.
My other costume- again- I own all this stuff already.  Don't ask my why, but when I saw this really beautiful Hawaiian dress (I wish you could see the bottom!) at the thrift store, it had to belong to me.  I hung out with Susan and Claudia (who is from Chile) at the youth dance, and had a great time.

I went to a class at Education week at BYU once where this mom taught us how to be fun moms.  At the time I had two tiny babies and none of it applied, but I remembered a lot of her suggestions for parties and traditions and silliness.  One of the best things she said was to give yourself a day to plan (usually Monday morning since you're planning for family night anyway) and think of things that are coming up in the next couple months, and plan for them.  Life happens, everything can't be awesome, but I really enjoy it.  I love planning parties, having parties, themes, etc.  It lets me use my creativity and sense of humor. 

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Christy said...

How fun. I love the Mariachi Band! Such a fun idea. I love trying to have parties and activities with and for my kids too. We did a Halloween dinner 2 days after Halloween. I love that you do so thinks for your kids. You guys are great!