Saturday, November 23, 2013

The weather outside is frightful!!!  But this kid is so delightful!!!!

I went to seminary this last week just to observe because we have an awesome seminary class! (All youth in our church are supposed to attend seminary during the four years of high school.  Unless you live in Utah, it is early in the morning!)  Since they do breakfast every Friday, I volunteered to be the one to bring it in since I had been there the whole week. 
I did berry scones with an orange glaze (above) and a sausage and egg breakfast casserole (below).
Then it snowed so much that they cancelled seminary and the morning hours of school that day!  Which was great, except that I had way too much food for just my family!  Somehow though, we managed to get it all eaten :)
And the kids loved having the morning to play in the snow!!!
And to warm up by the fire!
Unfortunately that wasn't the only thing that got cancelled on Friday.  We had a camp kick-off for the youth camp leaders (even though camp isn't until June), and I went to Costco and bought 5 chickens and de-boned and prepared them for burritos, and then that got cancelled too!  The meeting has been rescheduled, but it was decided to just do dessert next time so now I have tons of chicken meat for my family to eat.  I guess I'll freeze it.  Not a big deal, except that I did all that cooking Friday for nothing and I was trying to get ready for D's birthday party that we had today!!!   Talk about exhausting.  I am looking forward to relaxing tonight if Charlie ever decides to sleep.

I just have to say thank you to our neighbor Mike who gave us the movie Evan Almighty and said to watch it.  We loved it! It was so fun at the end when the song 'Everybody Dance Now' came on and Pat and I just jumped up and danced and everyone else in the family followed suit.  We danced ourselves silly!  I love fun, wholesome movies and I love Steve Carell!

And I have to say thank you to our other neighbor Warren who Dallas invited to the school for veterans day.  They did a special ceremony for the veterans and Warren even provided us with a picture and all his stats and info so we could post it on the wall at school.  He is such an awesome neighbor and I loved having him at school with me.  I introduced him to some of the other veterans there that I know from church and they had a lot of things in common- like being in Vietnam at the same time and place.  Bless their hearts for what they've been through.  Seeing the death and suffering of so many during the war, and being now retired but still suffering from the effects of agent orange and PTSD.  Warren said he became a 10th degree black belt just because it gave him something to do with the ptsd.  He is truly amazing.


Steph said...

Are those the jackets and hats from last year?
I can't wait to squeeze that Charlie Bear. He is so cute!

Karisa said...

Of course they are! We totally use them!

Christy said...

Bummer about all the food that didn't get to be served. It looks like you made some GREAT stuff. It was making my tummy rumble :) The scones looked especially delicious! Glad you could freeze the meat and put it to good use.