Monday, December 16, 2013

How Dallas got himself new pants

Dallas came out of his room wearing a pair of jeans that looked brand new.  I had never seen them before, but I must have picked them up at the thrift store where we get over half of what we need.  Unfortunately, they were skinny jeans, which we are not a fan of in this house, especially for boys!

I told him, "Yuck!", and he agreed.  He said they were too tight through the legs and basically everywhere, but didn't care enough to change out of them.  I said I didn't care if he wore them around the house only.

Then he asked if he could deliver a letter to our good neighbor Warren.  We sometimes get his mail in our mailbox.  I said, "Sure."

Then I went to the bathroom, and while taking care of business, I suddenly hear my neighbor José's thick Peruvian accent yelling, "Karisa!"

Frightened to death, I ran out and found Dallas in the entryway with his pants torn and José restraining his dog.  Dallas was crying slightly and told me that the dog (which is not small and cute like this picture), ran and attacked him before he'd even left our driveway.  It had ripped a big hole in the jeans and there was a red circle of teeth marks that had almost broken through the skin, but it hardly bled.

Our neighbors felt so bad that they came over several times that night to apologize, to show us shot records, and to show us the paperwork showing that they'd put the dog to sleep within that very hour.  Bless their hearts that they did the right thing.  He always was a vicious dog, and they are about to have a baby in their house.  They have like 7 dogs but this one was one that had been abused and was to dangerous to even let along the fence line because he would bark viciously. She had been years trying to rehabilitate him, but they had a zero tolerance policy for attacks.  Yes, very good neighbors!

Then they gave Dallas $30 for new jeans, even though I told them it was unnecessary.  So Dallas in the space of about 2 hours got rid of the skinny jeans and earned himself a new pair.  I told him he should find a new line of work since he can't earn all his clothes that way!

Dallas was shaken up and scared but he is okay.  Sam was the one completely broken up about it.  He was crying harder than Dallas and I found myself comforting Sam a lot more.  He even had to sleep with me that night.  I remember hearing about a dog attacking a 3 year old when my sister was 3.  I was sick and couldn't sleep for the longest time.  For all of Sam's grumpiness, he is very sensitive and loving. 

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Christy said...

What a good neighbor to take care of the dog and resolve the problem. I am so glad Dallas was okay. So scary.