Monday, December 16, 2013

Some funnies

He is really bugged about his mashed potatoes getting all over his face!  They just wouldn't come off no matter how much he rubbed.
I was at the grocery store with Pat when I went to grab some kale.  It was a good price- 3 bunches for $5!  Then I saw that it was good quality too.  Then I saw that I got the very last one, so I immediately turned around, held it up, and announced to everyone in the produce section, "I got the last kale!", you know, because it made me laugh 'cause who cares about kale?  I guess I was thinking about all the black Friday shoppers fighting me for it.  Then I laughed so hard.  Everyone ignored me or gave me weird looks, and Pat looked at me like I was from Mars.

Last night we were getting ready to pray but I wouldn't stop talking for Pat to start praying and then I laughed so hard I couldn't stop for the longest time.  I don't even know what was so funny.

Tonight and we were having chicken and I asked Pat what he wanted on the side and he actually requested 'a spinach salad with apples and a balsamic vinagrette'.  Don't we think we're fancy! 

Leia is so super cute all the time.  "Charlie loves me! And I love he!", she always proclaims.  Or, "Mom, I make you happy!"  If she wants something she shouts, "ME! ME! ME!", until she gets it.  Or she'll say, "You do this, OKAY?"  She says okay like a command a lot.

One time we woke up and found her in the living room dancing.  Another time we found her cleaning her room early in the morning.

Can you tell Charlie wants rescued?
She always helps Charlie- shoving food in his mouth and dragging him around.  She says, "I a good sister!" Her brothers are constantly being asked, "Sam, will you play with me?", or Dallas or Evan.  Sometimes she'll be looking sad, and I'll ask her how she's doing, and she says, "I don't have any friends here."  She says that whenever no one can play with her.

She loves her nursery teachers and will sit with them at church.  She loves the one babysitter we've had in a year, Sydney, so much too.  She finds her and shyly walks up, but then just can't restrain herself and hugs her for all she's worth!

She always wants to help me in the kitchen, and she pays no heed to me at all.  If I say not to pour the flour in yet, she just does it anyway because she just can't help herself.  She's too excited!

One day Sam and Evan were fighting (okay, everyday Sam and Evan are fighting) and she said, "I'll be nice to you guys!", to make it all better.

As we headed home from speech with her therapist Miss Rose, she said, "I miss my Miss Rose."  She loves her.  We all love Miss Rose.

Her funniest saying lately though is "I don't know!"  She just says it so brightly it's hilarious!  All of this stuff you'd have to hear her voice saying it to know how funny and cute it is.  She has such a high pitched energetic voice.  We are really enjoying being able to understand her more and more with her speech issues.  That's the sad thing is I read journal entries of my little boys saying things and I can't hear those little voices anymore!  Now I have to read the words only when those little voices used to be so familiar.  

We have been trying to teach Leia to sit in a good way, not with her legs out.  All day long we remind her.  One time I said, "Leia, sit in a good way", and she responded, "But, I'm a pirate!"

One day she was playing with Evan's Buzz Lightyear- pushing his buttons to make him talk.  It was the first time she'd ever seen it or played with it.  Buzz said, "I need you space ranger!", and I heard Leia say, "Me?"
Then he said, "Hello my friend.  Are you ready for adventure in uncharted space?", and she paused and said, "I don't know!"   Then he said, "So have you ever thought about joining the space ranger core?", and again she paused thinking about it and said, "Umm, I don't know!"

One night at dinner she put her sad face on and said, "My fork died."  We were all really confused since her fork was fine, but then she said more clearly, "My heart died.  This heart right here." (Pointing to her chest).  Why did your heart die?, we asked.  Because my Mae book is lost.  (A book I'm reading her).  She is such a crack up.  Her heart is dying about everyday about one thing or another.  She has a flair for the dramatic.  Some kid pushed her down in nursery and hit her and she told me her heart died and to make him never come back.  Luckily she's done with nursery!

Tonight we were ringing our Christmas bells and she acted like she knew exactly what she was doing and rang her bells with confidence like no other.  She had beautiful style, she just rang the wrong notes all the time! But there was never a more enthusiastic bell ringer!

We have had a lot of snow lately.  It is so beautiful!  My sister is coming to visit and I fear it will all be melted in a couple days when she comes :(    It is a blessing to live here.  How many people can leave their house and walk right into the woods?  They're not big woods at all, but they are big enough to get immersed in a magic land.  About a week ago I went sledding on our street with the boys.  We started at the top of the hill and only wished it were 10 times taller and longer!  Then we decided to explore the woods.  I told them to be quiet and they could feel the spirit of God.  It was beautiful day, everything covered in a blanket of white, as we quietly stepped into the trees and disappeared into the nooks and crannies of the woods.

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Christy said...

I love the stories about your family. What a sweet girl you have there. I also love your giggling fits. I have those too sometimes. :)