Saturday, February 16, 2013

Final Countdown

I like that 80's song!
Blogger is being weird, and doing all sorts of crazy stuff with my post, so I give up trying to make this post nicer.  It is what it is.  I was blessed to be the recipient of a diaper baby shower recently!  I told friends at church that I still had my boy clothes and boy blankets galore so I didn't really need anything.  So they had a diaper shower.  It was more like a girls night out though where we just sat around and talked and had healthy food, and it was small and perfect!  I felt really blessed!  Some lovely ladies snuck in more stuff than just diapers too!  Adorable stuff! I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone.  Claudia, Julie, Misty, Anna, Lucia, DeAnn, and a couple more I didn't know but it was nice that they came!

Valentines Day sounded like a fun chance to do something special for my kids one last time before I'm too busy for a while.  So we had heart shaped pizza, and cupcakes.  I even made some for Evan's class, but he came down with a fever the night before Valentines so he had to stay home and I had to send the cupcakes anyway! Thank heavens I have a carpool so I didn't have to drive all the way to the school for nothing but cupcakes!

Then we picked a couple families to take cupcakes too also.  I love the card.  You don't know the power of Valentines Day!  The boys had a fun time doorbell ditching (we said on the card who it was from) but they wanted to be sneaky.  At one house they were hiding in the yard so long we considered leaving them.  They were determined not to be seen, just like our Christmas elves.  We never did figure out who that was!

I went to my last Stake meeting and still have some stuff to finish up for my calling.  That was an interesting last meeting.  I'm trying to take minutes and the baby is kicking my notebook off my stomach, but also making it so I can't lean forward and take notes on the table.  It took all my strength to stay composed and not cry out like I do at home when the movements get so forceful!

So my mom and sister will be here soon!  They are literally in the air right now.  All the last two days we've been cleaning.  Here are 5 bags of girl clothes I went through (to give the best stuff to Jeremy and Kim who are expecting a girl), and the three boxes of boy clothes I had to go through for our baby.  As you can see, they got dusty in storage for so long!

I really thought I'd get a chance to use my girl clothes again!  I was so sad to see so many adorable dresses go!  I considered keeping this one since it will fit our baby boy perfectly by Christmas.

But I gave it away.

A funny:  I asked Dr. Rowe, my OBGYN, to fix an induction date months ago because of the pregnancy concerns and because of family needing to fly in at the right time.  He kinda put me off.  So at my last appointment I went to check in and he was sitting at the front desk working on the computer.  I smiled and by way of warning, I said, "I'm going to ask you for a date today!", which ended up being really embarrassing because he though I meant a date date.  He was looking at me weird when I realized what he was thinking, so I quickly clarified what I meant, and we laughed and he said, I don't date pregnant women.  It was really funny, and kinda embarrassing. What kind of person does he think I am!!!!???

Finally, I realized that I need some pictures of me!  So I tried in front of the mirror.  Didn't really work.

Then I tried having the kids do it.  This was the best picture I got.
But I had to weed through a lot of naked doll pictures that they'd put up at the last minute and then laugh hysterically.
 And cut off head pictures.

Then I tried Pat taking a picture with the kids, but this was the best pose.  Leia has some wicked awesome bed head every single day.

How could you say that about me!! (It's true.)
So then I just did a solo picture.  My sister's coming so maybe she'll get some.

I am happy that soon I will not have to prick my finger anymore!!!!!!!!

Oh and as a small side note... Pat is trying to kill me.  And I have proof.  He made a gravy with 2 Tbsp of Red Pepper instead of Paprika, and then wondered why it was so spicy.  The day before that he made quesadillas and filled mine up with New Mexico green chilis to the point that even I, who likes spicy stuff, was choking and coughing and crying for 10 minutes. 

A couple weeks ago, Pat put on some music I really like and I danced with him.  I said, "I can't wait until I can actually get close to you", and he said, "I can't wait until I can hug you and not feel like a hunch back while doing it."

For some weeks now, I've had to sleep out on the couch each night.  I don't know why it's more comfortable, but I absolutely cannot stand our bed, and the baby can't either.  He seems to think I'm smashing him no matter how I lay, and won't allow me to sleep at all.  Normally, I can't stand the couch and would hate to sleep out there but I can't sleep like a normal person anymore. 

So Pat and I have really been missing each other.  The third trimester is so hard.  And once it's over, you have the recovery, and newborn months that aren't any easier!  Calgon, take me away!  If I could get us something, it would be a vacation!  We really need it!  We have to wait just a few years, and then it will be like this:

And I'll look like this someday when we are on the beach together, and Pat will be tan.  I decreed it.

Well that was fun.  Now I've got to get back to cleaning and trying to ignore how scared I am about delivering a baby.  Oh!  And I have to pack.  I'm just so glad that it's working out better this time than last time though!  Last time I was sick and my water broke before my help got here and it was really stressful trying to figure out where the kids should go in the middle of the night!
It's working out much better this time.  We even got to go to the temple this morning.  And I'm hoping to squeeze in one last date!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Provo Utah Girls

I've been having a lot of fun when I can't sleep at night watching Divine Comedy videos like this one.
I never experienced dating life in Provo Utah, because by the time we went to BYU we were married with kids.  Funny though!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's 3!!!!!

Here's our birthday girl!!!! 
For days she's been telling us that it's almost "My Happy Birthday!", then she says a bunch of stuff we don't understand, and then she's singing, "Happy Birthday..." and trails off since that's all she knows.

I tell her, yes, we're going to sing Happy Birthday, and she says, "No. I not sing!  You sing!"

When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she replied without hesitation, "Princess cake!"
It's so weird how she's so into princesses.  She's hardly watched any princess movies.  But she is all princess.

Me: I'm going to go make your cake now....  Or maybe I should do History with your brothers first..

Leia/Daisy: No do history wit my bruders!  Mom, mae my cake!

Me: Ha, ha, ha.  You're funny Leia.

Leia/Daisy: No, not funny!  (She seriously wanted no delays with this princess cake).

When I asked her if she wanted me to write Leia or Daisy on the cake, she said, "Daisy!"

It was a pretty cake, and it sparkled! And it was way too good!

She had been watching these presents pile up on top of the piano, and had to wait 2 full weeks to open them!

Her dad and I got her a My Little Pony and a book.  Her brothers made her tons of stuff.  Like these flashcards for learning her letters and numbers that they worked really hard on.  They also bought her some activity books for 3-4 year olds with her own markers, scissors, and glue.  Eeek!
This is ONE of her cards from her brothers.  Aren't they so sweet?
They also got her glow sticks for at night when she's scared.
And a big pink stuffed bear.  And a marshmallow heart.  Man, they totally outdid us, and it was great!  They love their sister.
The thing I love about Leia's birthday is that it's right near Valentines Day, so there's all sorts of cute stuff out that is red and pink!  Also I like that it is so close to mine.  I hope we will always be friends and that we can celebrate our birthdays together.  Us girls got to stick together!

Pretend that right here are some cute videos of her opening her presents and expressing her views on life.  So far we've been unable to get them to load! Grandmama and Papi got her a doll with homemade clothes by Brenda and so now she has two babies and they both can be dressed, and their clothes actually fit each other and Leia LOVES them.  The video showed her squeaking for joy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No pictures!

Every time we go for an ultrasound, our baby boy won't allow pictures.  He is always facing my spine with his feet up over is head AND his hands on his face.  Today I mentioned again at my ultrasound that if they happened to get a good shot of him, I'd love a picture.  They said, when the baby is this chunky there's just no room for him to pose!

Well, we briefly saw his face yet still didn't get a good picture.  But we all saw how chubby his cheeks were!  Dallas remarked in the car, "He looked like Darth Vader when he took off his mask."

Isn't that a heart warming image?

Oh and last night for family night, Sam picked the game and it was to play freeze tag on our knees.   Since I couldn't do much on my knees, whoever was IT would pass right by me and forget about me, and then when they weren't looking, I'd un-freeze everyone.  It was hilarious.  When everyone had had a turn being IT, Dad declared the game done, but the boys said, "What about Mom?"  Pat said, "Well, that wouldn't be very fun".  I thought, I'll show them!  But they were always just barely out of my reach and kept unfreezing each other.  I was out of my league and I knew it.  Dad was right.  I blame the belly.  They could all glide between the couches, and my belly got me stuck every time.

Blame the belly