Thursday, March 28, 2013

Now Hiring

Now that Pat and I are working on a project together (becoming debt free) it has brought us closer together and been a real blessing.  We just paid off the first debt, and it is really exciting!  So much so that I just want it to happen faster!  I've been alone all week since Pat's been out of town for work, and I can barely see straight I'm so tired, but still!  I keep thinking of ways to earn money.

This led me to ask Pat recently, "Do you think I could work the night shift at Wal-mart?"

He doesn't seem to think that's a good idea :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Okay, okay!

Glad to be home!
Announcing...a long awaited member of our family, our Charles, is finally here!!!  A measly 7 pounds 15 ounces.  What relief to see it all turn out well!  He couldn’t have been more perfect. Silly doctors.  For having gestational diabetes, he was my smallest baby, and his abdomen was not at all out of proportion. Now if I can only continue eating so healthy!

Birth story- wherein Karisa recommends epidurals and natural birth simultaneously:
Aside from getting an epidural,  (which is the worst), once you HAVE it, it is the best thing ever.  I told Steph and Pat they should have one.  I always wait until I'm at about 6 until I get an epidural because I have to be in a lot of pain to actually ASK someone to stick a giant needle in my back.  But once it's in, it's like someone covers you up with a warm blanket that takes away pain at the same time.  This time was my best one ever because he made it so that I could still feel everything- just more dull like pressure instead of pain.  In the past I've had them where my lower half was dead to me, but this time I was the one telling the nurse it was time!  

The birth of Charles was 90% boring, followed by 10% really exciting.  It took from 12noon to 1:39am the next day for him to be born.  I spent the boring part doing my visiting teaching, making Pat read scriptures to me, watching stuff on youtube, and who knows what else.  All I know is that I was hungry, but only Pat and Steph could go out for food! We came across this scripture as we read, which was kinda funny, "A woman when she is in her travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world."

My doctor never came to put the pill in, but he did come when I was at about 4 and break my water.   Very quickly the Pitocin was turned it up as high as it was safe and still not much was happening.  The contractions never got that painful compared to all my other births which is weird.  Around 6cm dilation I had the epidural.  Less pain and Pat and Steph could finally sleep.  

Then the contractions started getting stronger, and the nurse kept coming in because the baby's heartbeat kept dropping too low with each contraction.  She would have me lay in different positions to see if it gave any relief to the baby, but no change.  I was getting really scared since I figured it could take hours to finish dilating and he was really having a hard time!  But I should have known my body.  Once I get to 6cm, I go really fast.  AND once my baby is in distress that usually means it's time to push.  I thought that could be the case and told her to check me again but she really wasn't in a hurry and nor was I because the contractions weren't so bad.  Then I felt it.  I yelled, "Something is coming out!!", which woke up Pat and Steph and she checked me and said, "It's time! Don't push!"  

I started shaking.  I knew my doctor lived 7 minutes away and I thought they were going to make me wait, but bless him, he had stayed at the hospital (probably asleep in a doctor's room) and he was right there. I was laying on my side holding onto the bed for dear life because of the shaking, and I asked if they had something to bite down on since I kept biting my tongue but they didn't so I tried to hold my face still, but since my whole body was shaking it didn't really work.  Suddenly I was sitting straight and pushing and it all happened very quickly, and I felt it!  At one point it hurt so much, but they told me I had to push through it, but I just wanted it to go back!  But I did it, and I can see why natural birth people think it's so empowering!  Still, I was glad to feel it in a milder form!
Birth Story Done
And here is our dear, sweet, Charles!

What joy!  I just hold him sometimes and feel so much power- like powerful love that washes over him from me as each moment of his life is seared into my memory.  I love saying Oh Charlie! because it feels familiar, like my friend Charlie is finally here!  Like, It’s You!  I could kiss his tiny head non-stop.  It’s only 3 inches or so across the back!  He is so small!

All my babies look the same, but I thought he looked most like Laura.
I was really leaning toward naming him John, because I love love love John the Baptist, and John who wrote in the New Testament, and we both have Johns in our ancestors, but Pat and I just both felt we should do Charles.  Then to come up with a middle name!  Man we could never agree on that!  Pat wanted Xavier like X-men or a name based on my family history that I wasn't sure about.  We finally just turned it in with a Gaelic name I like.   I still might change it.  I wish we did things like in other countries where you could name your baby later once you got to know them for a couple years.  There's so much pressure to choose a name right away!  Some of my kids I wish I could change part of their names now that I've gotten to know them more.  And Pat never likes to finalize a name, so we end up in the hospital trying to think of a name when we should be trying to sleep!

Everyone says he has big hands.  Wonder where he gets that from.
Starting to open his eyes.
Speaking of sleep, we were at the hospital over 13 hours before Charlie was born, and we (Pat, my sister and I) were quite worn out by the time he did arrive in the middle of the night, and then of course it takes about 2 more hours for them to do all their stuff and get you to a recovery room, and then once you and your baby are sleeping peacefully around 3am, in comes a parade of people, each thinking their job is necessary at ungodly hours in the middle of the night.  Knock knock:  Lab!  I need to take your blood!  Knock, Knock:  Housekeeping! (Can you believe it? They were mopping!) Knock, knock, Tech!  I need to get your vitals!  Oh and fill out this paper with what you want for breakfast.  Knock, knock: Tech!  I need to get baby's vitals! And poke his food repeatedly! Knock, knock, Hello!  I'm your nurse, come to check on you and the baby and push on your stomach!   Knock, knock:  Massage! Do you want a massage?  (Yeah, right like there's any place you can touch that's not sore), Knock knock: Photographer!  Do you want baby pictures? Knock, knock: Lactation!  How's breastfeeding going?  Knock, Knock: Admissions!  You have a balance of $500 out of pocket which is due before you leave, would you like to pay now?  Knock, knock: You need shots!  How 'bout Tetnus?  Flu shot?  We've got shots!  Knock, knock: I'm the pediatrician here to check your baby!  Knock, knock: Dietary!  Here to bring you breakfast!

After I had Charles, my doctor, Dr. Rowe, asked me if I wanted to stay one or two days at the hospital, and I immediately said ONE!  I hoped that meant that I could go home that same day a few hours later.  Ha.  I had to stay all the way until the next day in that uncomfortable bed, where me and Charlie continued to scratch each other up with those annoying bracelets, and get no sleep at all because of the constant parade of help.  Everyone is so nice that you can't get mad at them, but neither can you nail the door shut.  

First bath at the hospital.
And once again, even though they were having their parade, they refused to let Charlie's brothers and sister visit.  We were all looking forward to that, and it was so disappointing!  Flu season, they said.

Well, as a matter of fact, all my kids were home getting sick.  Poor Grandma and Aunt Steph who had to deal with them!  They all mostly got better quickly, but Leia Daisy has been sick this whole time with one thing or another.  Eye infection, cold, diarrhea, cold, eye infection...  Her goopy eye just came back for the third time!  So frustrating!  She is also the most vocal and walks around screaming, “My nose!” constantly.  She has been miserable, and we are trying to take extra good care of her since it's got to be hard on her to also not be the littlest anymore.  So lots of hand washing, and trying to keep everyone away from Charles.  She's so sad about that too. 

But let me tell you this:  We are in love.  Completely in love with Charlie.  There really are no words sufficient to express the happiness, joy, and roller coaster of emotions that come with this.  So this post will have to do for now.  In the most reverent way possible, I give thanks to God for my dear son.  Charles means: man, strong, and free.  That sure has been our theme this year with all we've been studying about the war in heaven, and the revolutionary war, and the consequences and blessings of being free to choose our path in life.    

We love you old man, and we're so happy to have you!!!  You are a very special boy who has come from a lot of very special people.  They will be near you throughout your life, especially as you seek them out.  Your great-great grandma Mary, daughter of pioneers, who was 102 years old, passed away a couple weeks after you were born.  She is an amazing lady.  Read her books.  Her father's name was Charles!  He was born in Sweden and was only 3 years old when his parents, having heard the gospel, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to America in an old, condemned, wooden ship. You are a part of all who came before you, and they are a part of you.  I love you!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog

Sorry I haven't had a chance to write.  New baby.  Enough said.

However, I am trying to figure out if my blog is helpful to me or to others and whether or not I should continue it.
In some ways I think it helps me a lot.  For example, I am home with kids most of the time, and I don't live near family, and my husband doesn't talk a great deal, so it gives me the chance to get my feelings out there without forcing anyone to read them, because if you don't like it, you don't visit!  But every now and then someone comments and really makes my day!

Also, Pat really doesn't want me to quit.  He likes what I write, and he likes the great job I'm doing at recording our family history.

But recently he showed me how much work it is for him to convert a years blog posts into the book form. It involves a lot of arranging the writing with the pictures in different layouts.  Since he is already 2 years behind, I am considering "blogging" off-line and directly into the book so at the end of the year, we can just send it for printing and be done.  Since it's barely 2013, now'd be a good time to start.

Also, recently my blog ran out of room for pictures so we had to delete the whole first year (2008) to make room for 2013.  Either that or pay for more space.  I don't know how much, but paying is not an option.  Also will my kids regret me talking about them as they get older?  So far, they don't mind, because I tell them it's for family, and they are happy that family gets to see them, their accomplishments, and their silliness.

What to do...

For now... here's a...

Top 10 list of what women who are having a baby really want:

10. Someone to come see you in all your 9 month glory and say, "Whoa! Your really are pregnant."  Sometimes since you live so far away you feel like no one really knows.
9. Nice new comfy slippers and socks to wear at the hospital and beyond.
8. Nice new nursing bra's and jammies/robe.
7. Someone to take you shopping for the before mentioned items!
6. Someone to help cook or feed the family.
5. Someone to do the dishes and help keep the house clean.
4. Family to be there to watch the kids so you don't have to worry about them, and make them feel special and loved during this time of change.
3. Someone to send you and your husband on a date!
2. Someone to do your hair and make you feel pretty before you deliver and someone to do your hair again after you deliver.  (And maybe even give you flowers!)
1. Someone to say "Good job. You did a good job!", after the delivery and pregnancy are over.

All of these things were done by my mother and sister who came to visit, and the number one was also done by all the doctors and nurses and nearly everyone at church.  It means so much to me.  I never really thought about it like that, or expected anyone to tell me 'good job'.  Makes me cry.