Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's your theme song?

I have a song for each of my kids that is their song.  The ones not living have two songs.  The only rule is that I have to enjoy singing it and others can join in too.

Lauralei- Laura No Esta- Nek & Loreli- Styx (we were young and I don't actually sing these).

Dallas- Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole version.

Sam- Edelweiss

Evan- Stay Awake- Mary Poppins

Ben Anthony- Vivir Sin Aire- Mana & Sweet By and By

Leia- Molly Malone

Charles- Chocolate Ice-Cream Cone or the Banana Boat Song (De-o!).

Pat has his own song too.  It seemed too perfect.  El Paso- Marty Robbins.  Just kidding.  Actually the song that reminds me most of him is Love is Like Oxygen by Sweet.  I remember he sang it once and it sounded so weird since I had never heard it before. 

If I were to pick my own theme song it would be Ode to My Family by Cranberries- I've loved them since I was a teenager and this song especially, but I adore most all their songs.  I love to sing it and to feel my youth.  I love that they're Irish and that Pat and I went to Ireland.  In Ireland amateurs can go to pubs and play music and you don't have to feel like you're in a bar 'cause families go.  It's social for all ages.  I would love that.  And Dolores doesn't grind or flaunt herself while singing which is probably why they are underrated.  She is who she is.  Maybe a bit weird and different, but so am I.  Cranberry red just happens to be my favorite color too- could it be more perfect?

If we had a family song it would probably be the Polka, Hoop de doo.  Either that or the Johnny Appleseed song, "Oh, the Lord's been good to me...".  Or the Wiggles, "Say the dance, do the dance... Can you stand like a statue?"

I also have a song for my brother Jeremy.  The Only Living Boy in NY by S&G.  I love that song and it fits since he used to live there. I don't think he'd ever let me sing it to him though without heavy eye rolling and cracking jokes the whole time.

Eventually everyone will be rolling their eyes and cracking jokes when I sing them their songs, and that's all right by me- as long as they know that I love them!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ahhhh Children

When we were leaving speech therapy on Tuesday Karisa had to run to a meeting so it was me and the kids going home.  I gave E (six years old) Charlie's bottle to carry out to the car.  When we were almost home I asked E where the bottle was and he said he didn't know, he never had it.  We talked about it for a while and he basically called me crazy.  We turned around to the WalMart since that was our last bottle and picked up some new ones. 

About five minutes after we got home E came and said "Dad, guess what?  Charlie put his bottle in my backpack."

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yesterday, I was helping Leia with a picture she drew.

Me: Let's write your name on it.
Leia:  Okay.
Me:  L-E-I-A, that's Leia!
Leia:  I not like I.  L-E-B.  That's my name.

Today I was helping her get ready for bed.  She has some "new" pajamas from a thrift store with Disney princesses on them and a pair of shorts that go with them.

Leia: I looking for my shorts.
Me: I don't see them, do you want these pants instead?  They'll be a lot warmer.
Leia: I need the shorts.
Me: Where did you take them off, I don't see them?
Leia:  I need the shorts.
Me:  Maybe you should just wear the pants instead.
Leia:  I NEED the shorts (add some more whine to her voice at this point)!
Me: Do you want to go to bed without any pajama bottoms?
Leia:  *Sigh*
Me:  Oh, here they are.
Leia:  *Smile*

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Recently, my brother wrote me a letter, in which he confessed to loving Gus.  He wrote, "I love you Gus", and then tried to make it look like he meant to write "I love you Guys". 

Don't worry bro.  We all love Gus.