Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A good way to start the year

I am still trying to get ready to start 2014.  I am not ready for January 1st yet!  I have so many ideas and so many resolutions I want to make and I know there's only so much I can bring along in my handcart, or, in other words, I can't do everything.  So it's a matter of priorities- and that for me takes some sit down and study-it-out time.

Pat said to me recently, "Your the greatest blessing God has given me", and I promptly sat down and cried.  I had just been thinking about how sad and lonely so many people are in the world and how everyone needs to be someone's most important person.  Like bosom friends Anne and Diana.  And I realized I had that blessing and what a great blessing it was/is.  I am his most important person!  Some people are blessed to make friends easily, but for others, anxiety, and a host of other afflictions can make it very difficult or impossible as far as some are concerned, and I am sensitive to that.

Pat's Grandma Dixie has a brother who just recently passed away.  Uncle Jim was how I knew him, though I did not know him well.  I knew he was very musical, having heard him sing and play once, but as I read about his work and life achievements I was pretty amazed.  In addition to a wonderful wife and family, here is a bit:

...earning multiple degrees including a PhD in Chemical Engineering and mathematics-related subjects.

In his professional career, Jim applied his skills in mathematics, chemistry, and high-powered computing to both the corporate and academic realms. The highlight of his career was his leadership during the installation of the first supercomputer in Europe at the Unviersitädt Stuttgart, Germany. He also served as Director of the University of Texas Center for High Performance Computing in Austin. Later, he served at the European Weather Research Center in England, as Technical Lead for Daimler Benz in Stuttgart, and as a technical consultant for 20+ years for the Unviersitädt Stuttgart.

Jim had a passion for the outdoors throughout his life, hiking and backpacking in far and high places. On his 80th birthday, he enjoyed an overnight hike with many of his family members to the summit of Old Man Mountain, an 8000 ft peak in the Sierras Nevadas.

Jim loved music and gave of himself in many ways. He sang in the Sacramento Opera and the Camerata California Chorus (Sacramento) and performed for the Elk Grove Strauss Festival. Nearly every day, he played his guitar, cello, or ukulele, singing songs of life and love.

I started thinking what I would write about my husband if I had to.  What are his great or most significant accomplishments? They might certainly pale by comparison.  Then I realized what I would write...

He loved his wife.   

...and I would say that's pretty significant whether or not he adds to that throughout his life! 

Happy 13 years of marriage.

We had Stake Conference today, and had some wonderful instruction.  The visiting General Authority mentioned how when any of us feel cause to complain about situations in life, we should just remember Brittney and think about all we can do, not about all that we cannot or about how unfair life can seem to be.  Brittney is our Stake President's daughter and here is a short video of their family:

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