Sunday, December 29, 2013

Arrow of Light

I'm so glad Brother Ohran snapped this picture- I forgot to bring a camera!  This was at D's Arrow of Light ceremony back on his actual birthday!!!  That sure worked out nicely!  Our own boys from our ward (Conner, Chandler and Ammon) performed the ceremony.  They did a great job and we are of course, very happy for Dallas and very proud parents!!!  I can't believe Dal is now in Boy Scouts. 
Here is our family birthday party- since he had a friend one, and I had to make treats for the Arrow of Light ceremony, I did not make the cake I planned for him.  Instead, we just had Costco cake and it was plain and simple.  Sam is the grumpy monkey.

A baby's first shoes should not be snow boots.

I love bargain shopping, and I'm sure you've never heard me say that before!  This nice Christmas village was $15 at a garage sale.  It's hard to tell, but it's really beautiful and fits perfectly atop the piano.

So we didn't put up a tree this year.  We only decorated this much since we were going out of town and it seemed silly to put up a tree.

The boys are only allowed to wear their school uniforms at school or to dress nicer than that.  So several times lately, Sam has looked like this on his way to school. 

Another awesome thrift store find!   This Christmas song book by Denes Agay, The Joy of Christmas, has beautifully arranged songs that were the perfect level for Dallas.  It has a wide selection of Christmas songs, some I'd never even heard of, and I know Christmas songs!!!  I love this book! 

Looks like someone is a list maker like his mother.  If only we did everything on our lists!

Charles in his bath tub next to me doing dishes. 

My sister came for the kids Christmas concert and it was pretty awesome.  They did some amazing pieces of music!  Plus the masquerade ball afterward was super fun.  I don't know if I've ever danced with my sister but we were having a blast!  We had to leave though because we had to pack and leave early in the morning.  I wanted to stay and dance all night, and Dallas and Steph did too.  Probably Sam and Evan too.  The only thing the boys didn't like was having to dance with the girls, however, some of them asked some of the girls to dance with them.  And when girls asked them that they didn't ask, they were kind and well behaved and danced with them.
Ms. Baccadutre and the children singing.  Teachers and Highschool students were along the wall.  There were about 300 kids singing and around 800 in the audience.  It was packed.

Dallas or Sam dancing.

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