Monday, December 30, 2013


I'm trying to write about our trip.  We've been gone for a full two weeks!  It was a great trip, and we miss everyone already!!!

 Our wonderful new mechanic did an excellent job on our van and we had no troubles despite driving 3200 miles.  As you can guess, we were glad to finally get out of the car and get everything else out of the car.  We've been doing laundry for days.  The pile in the living room was so huge we're not sure how it all fit in the car with the seven of us.  

Unfortunately, we're all sick, so we can't manage more than that right now.  We knew it would happen, because when families gather everything gets spread all around.  And unfortunately, Charles and Leia have had it the worst.  For Charles, it was his second cold on our trip.  He got over one and then caught the next one!  Not a happy camper, and boy do they suffer.  I even have it, but it feels so mild that it's not too bothersome.  But the kids are missing school today and who knows how many more days this week.

Every time Sam sneezes, he plugs his nose and tried to keep his mouth closed.  He says he wants to see if the sneeze will come out his ears or if he can make his head explode. Nice plan.

Between being sick and catching up on dozens of emails regarding our responsibilities at church,we've been swamped.  Two nights ago, as we were trying to clean up the house and doing laundry, etc, teenage boys started knocking on our door.  Pat had forgotten he'd scheduled a movie night with his boys from church!  So we had a movie night!

I got to substitute as the song leader in Primary yesterday.  It was Leia's first day, being a big girl and going to Primary!!!  I was so glad I could be there for it!  She was getting better, so we let her go and she seemed to like it.  She has an awesome class and teacher.

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