Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Jumbled up Birthday

Because my fan demands, here are some posts updating what we've been doing lately.  I have really not felt like blogging, so this is all very behind and all jumbled up!

Since coming home from our Christmas vacation we've had one sickness after another.  It's got me down, man.  January and February are always like this for us, but I was still disappointed because we had been doing so well this year!

Between that and a very busy life we've just been in survival mode.  My calling has been very busy lately with the Stake Standards Night, Stake YW Basketball, Multi-Stake Youth Dance that our Stake was in charge of, and lots of trainings, ward conferences, and New Beginnings to attend.  I'm very behind on my main work which is keeping the records updated!  On Pat's side, there's been campouts and weekly duties for scouts.  The only other thing we do lately is the daily getting kids to and from school and homework and family stuff.

Luckily we have our anniversary and 3 birthdays in January and February to give us some joy!

I had a birthday!  29 again!  And the best part about it was that Evan made my cake!  He even picked out the mix and frosting.  He did a terrific job!  It was a great birthday and I got a lot of really nice gifts! 

On second thoughts, maybe the best part about my birthday was my handsome husband taking me out to Claim Jumper.  This was our favorite restaurant back when we were dating and apparently rich and famous.  It was good, but not as good as the old days.  They've changed a lot!  But one just opened up here and we couldn't resist.

Or maybe my favorite part was "reading" books with Charles. 

...or making silly faces with my girl.

Dallas grew me some broccoli.  Just kidding.  He has been growing this seed since last summer and it finally made little broccoli's and we ate them!  In the winter!  In January!!  He was so proud.

Actually, he bought me this necklace- which I know is really hard to see.  Sam made me a very nice card that he colored too!

Whoa!  This is a Christmas picture of a gift from Grandma S.
A sick Dallas.
I got a hair cut for my birthday.  It's my yearly hair cut.  My hair needed it for all the dead ends, but I did bangs which was probably a mistake.  Here's the before...

... and the after. It's not so bad though.  And hair grows! 
Ready for church. 

Hey!  You guys forgot me. -Charlie
Rice and Beans!

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