Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daisy is Four!

Daisy has a birthday right after mine.  She is four now!  She woke up to pink balloons (what else) and oatmeal, and lots of people saying Happy Birthday!  I didn't think she'd make it to her birthday.  She would see gifts get delivered to our door and then get told she couldn't open them for days and it was pure torture!

This is one of my favorite cakes I've ever made because I love these colors! Red Strawberries, pink and orange frosting, with yellow and white whip cream daises all over!  She picked chocolate for the inside.

After breakfast we got her dressed up for her birthday.

Watch Charles in the background.  He's about to do something pretty cool...

He is a walker now!!!!! He'll be 1 year old soon as his birthday is right after Leia's.

They both got new carseats because both carseats broke.  Well Leia's was still okay, but it was all jacked up since we originally bought it for Dallas.  That was a loooong time ago.
Then we went to see Frozen.  All I can say is Wow.  I haven't seen a Disney movie I've loved this much since- well, I don't know when!  Maybe Beauty and the Beast?  But I loved this more.  The music was amazing, I loved the setting, the clothing (before Elsa changed), the hair, the colors, everything!!!  We hardly ever go to the theatre to see movies but this was worth it!

The car ride home after Frozen.

Back at home Leia wanted to eat pizza, so we made pizza.  Then while we cleaned up, we put on dancing music and danced!

Then FINALLY we got to open up the presents!

Charlie hated this hat.

Cute gifts!

Blowing out the candles.

Playing with the gifts!  It was a great birthday!! 
We really love this dear girl of ours.  There is something really neat about her.  Her speech is steadily getting better, though her method his quite hysterical.  She can make a 'th' sound now, but almost her entire tongue is out of her mouth to do it.  She has apraxia, so she has a hard time making her body do what she wants. She is so bright and energetic and cute!  She is in love with the Wiggles right now (as all who have gone before her), and it's perfect timing since they now have a girl Wiggle.  She loves the dancing.  She always wants to help me in the kitchen, play babies, or princesses, read books, or play ponies.  She is such a joy and we love her so much!

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Steph said...

I miss your kids so much! Please tell them to stop growing up.