Thursday, February 27, 2014

What are they thinking?

Prize to the best caption for each picture.  (Except there really are no prizes.)  This was Charlie's 1st birthday.  He thought the whole thing was weird.  Maybe he's thinking, why don't I get a cake like everyone else?  Or, what do you expect me to do with that strawberry on fire?  It was a totally uneventful night.  We got him a carseat and strawberries.   We'll make it up to you in the future Charles...  Charlie is walking everywhere, starting to talk (his first word was 'ball') and he loves music and starts dancing immediately, which for him is just bouncing up and down!

Sam's truck and little driver attached.  Pinewood Derby ya'll.

Carmel popcorn 2x, Cheesy Jalapeño popcorn, coconut oil popcorn, everything candy popcorn, spicy oil popcorn, and regular popcorn.   Stayed out with my friends until 3am and it was worth it!  

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