Monday, March 31, 2014

Indian Dish would go great with Na'an and a spinach dish on the side.  We ended up serving it with pork chops, but it is great and filling all by itself.)

Had this for dinner and it was so good!  Mine turned out creamier than her picture, but probably because I don't measure much and I used more half and half.  You could also use cream.  We like things saucy.  It is made with beans and I added in a head of cauliflower because it's in the picture, but for some reason not in the recipe.  Black Eye'd Peas are found in the canned vegetables by the peas and not in the beans sections which is weird.  Also the Garam Masala I put together on my own- just found a recipe online so I didn't have to buy that spice. Try Jasmine or Basmati rice with this- makes it so yummy.

Since the kids had friends over, and I wanted to make sure they weren't hungry, we ended up serving this with thin, boneless pork chops that I seasoned with the Garam Masala and then seared in the pan and then set aside to cook everything else in the same pan.  At the end I set the meat on top of everything in the pan and let it all simmer for 20 minutes or so until it was all softened and creamy.

Just sharing so I don't forget this recipe!

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