Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We just finished up the 8th and last season of Psych and we loved it so much and laughed so hard!!!!  Thank you Psych.  Thank you Shawn and Gus. (James Roday and Dule Hill).

One day, I decided to turn over a new leaf and clean our bathroom.  The next day, while standing in my immaculate bathroom, I noticed the leak.  Water covering the bathroom floor!
I had to leave and get the kids from school, but told Pat to look at it when he got home.  He found the soggy floors and soggy walls not only in our bathroom, but laundryroom and garage (which are all connected).
 And then the search for the leak began by punching holes in the wall.  I can't tell you how much joy it gave me to see my bathroom destroyed. 

We now think  it was our water heater.  We went out to the garage and it was just leaking water (for who knows how long).  Here's Pat putting in a new one.  Good thing he's not recovering from a back injury or anything.  I tried to lift that water heater all by myself, and when I nearly fell over with it, he had to help, hurting his back more.  Look at how soggy and muddy the garage is! I wonder how many months it will take to fix everything.  Ha, ha.  It's been at least a year since the last leak and that hole still isn't fixed.  I'm sure thankful for my great husband though.  I would have been too scared to do anything.

He had to leave things undone and head off to work.  I told him to take a shower, but he refused since it's only cold water.  I called him a baby and told him he stunk.  He agreed that he is a baby.  I said, "No, I'm a bigger baby than you, and I took a cold shower this morning after workout group and Charlie had a cold shower too after he blew out his diaper, and he's an actual baby".  But Pat was unmoved and continued to get dressed sans shower and go to work. 

Daisy and I made bows for our hair a few weeks ago.  It's our first attempt.  We'll probably try different styles someday.  (She's not mad.  It's just her face.  We are serious people!)

Charlie is really into books, so Pat picked up a few new books (that were old favorites but had been destroyed).  I love "Love You Forever". 
It is hard to see in this picture, but there is almost an inch of mud on the floor in my van.  This happened because of a scout trip where Pat and his boys got rained on all night.  It must have been miserable.  I actually paid $60 to have the carpets cleaned.  For those of you who know how messy our car usually is, and how we never pay for anything, then you'll know how thoroughly bad the car was to make me do this!

Our subtle tribute to St. Patricks Day.  Green spaghetti. And that's all we did!

Hung out with my friends at this beautiful house one day recently.  The lovely parts of New Mexico are sure lovely!

Happy spaghetti boy!  We have so looked forward to stopping formula because of all the $$$, but this guy is still unable to process regular milk.  We just started him on almond milk recommended by our pediatrician.  So we mix half formula and half almond milk, and so far so good. 

D and his friend Larry.  They are heading out to explore in the hills around our house.  I tell them to take weapons in case they run into trouble- usually in the form of dogs, coyotes and such. 
Larry's dad got this camelback that he's wearing in Afghanistan.  It's full of water. 

Ending an era (hopefully for good) our speech therapist Miss Rose told us she really can't keep teaching Leia since she's 90% intelligible to strangers which is right for her age.  In other words, we're done with speech therapy!!!!  We were all shocked, because Leia was so bad we all thought she'd be there for 3-5 years.  And after just under 1 year, she is done.  We might need to go back if she doesn't get her R's by age 7, but WOW.  I can't believe we're done!  Miss Rose is the best speech therapist ever!!!

So I made more of the magnets that I made at Christmastime, but I personalized them.  I asked the kids to give me words to describe Miss Rose, and Pat and I added some in too.  We put them in a lime green mini metal bucket with white ribbon around it and cute tissue paper and the card and a Book of Mormon.  She loved it all so much she cried.  She said it was the best gift anyone's ever given her.  Well we love her and we'll sure miss our Miss Rose.  I don't think Leia really understands that we're not going back.

I am not doing the food for Girls Camp this year, but have been in charge of training/mentoring the lady what was called.  This has been awesome since I adore her and she has opened me up to some new recipes I'd never heard of.  Like Migas for breakfast.  Sautee up some corn tortilla that you've cut into strips with green onion and red bell pepper until crispy and then stir in scrambled eggs and serve with salsa, sour cream and jack cheese.
It was great- kinda like a breakfast taco- but you eat it all with a fork.  We'll add this into our Corny Thursdays (the day we have something with corn in it for breakfast).  Here's the finished product. You can't even really see the tortilla strips.  Maybe if you used yellow corn tortillas.  For sure if you used blue!


Christy said...

Okay, there was a lot to comment on. We love Psych too and thoroughly enjoyed the last season. The ending was very well done and we are happy. We will miss watching it but reruns are great too!

Sorry about your water troubles. Bummer.

The hair bows were cute!

I loved the gift for the speech therapist. Great idea!

The food looks yummy and the books are all great!

Karisa said...

Thanks so much!!! I love your comments!