Thursday, May 22, 2014

End of School Stuff and a Visitor!

School is over!!!!

I asked my mom to come and see the kids end of school performances and stuff and she did!   Typical of where we live, it was totally snowing the night she got here and we had to have coats and a fire going in the middle of May!

We did miss the big school night because of a stomach thing we were all having (yes, my mom got to clean up throw up), and Dallas's class rescheduled their play until after she had returned to Cali, so she missed that, but she got to come to flag ceremony, and Evan's performance, and just be a part of life which means a lot.

Evan's class did a performance with songs about friendship.   He did amazing work this year!
"Let's Go Fly a Kite"
Here are his spelling words at the end of 2nd Grade.  They do a spelling bee every week which includes the marks and numbers.   His teacher is fun and creative, but very serious and orderly, and her kids really know their stuff!

Their spelling words in the first week of school.
These next two are of the last weeks of school.
 Look at that beautiful cursive!  The red writing is Evan's also.  She likes them to do the markings in red.
 They also made paper in their class.
 Here is his final presentation poster.

We had a sort of a birthday party for my mom while she was here since she never gets us around for her birthday- complete with a piñata that kept breaking.  But not in the appropriate way, hence, all the rope.

Chocolate cake, Cream Cheese Icing, Chocolate and Fruit decor.  Blueberries, Kiwi, and Strawberries.

As for Dallas, he won an award for being on the High Honor Roll and, well, this note from his teacher says it all.  I'm so happy these teachers will have Sam next year.  They have helped Dallas to enjoy school so much he comes bouncing out and has really grown and been challenged this year.
Bag Piper out for the last day of school.  It was really cool!  He's one of our kids parents.

We have been so blessed by this school, the amazing teachers and the wonderful things they accomplish with very little funding compared to the public schools.  I love that Dallas's class did an entire Shakespeare play, adapted, but in Shakespeare language with songs and costumes for their 5th grade end of school year performance.  I love that he had Mr. Moschel for math, the 6th grade teacher, because that is his level, and they didn't force him to stay in 5th grade.   I love that he had a parent in his class teaching art who used to be a college professor.  This parent, Dr. Sinnot, came weekly and taught the kids amazing techniques.  At least better than anything I had in highschool.  I love that Dallas learned a lot of Greek and Latin roots too.  I love all the books my kids read this year (and consequently I read them too). Dallas': Huckleberry Finn, The Life and Narrative of Frederick Douglass, The Old Man and the Sea, Don Quixote, A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes, Tom Sawyer, Little Women. Evan's: The Jungle Book, Little House in the Big Woods, Hour of the Olympics, Beauty and the Beast, Stuart Little, Peter Pan, and Charlotte's Web.  I wonder why I wasn't exposed to these good books growing up and feel sad that I spent so many hours reading Sweet Valley Twins and Flowers in the Attic and other similar trash.

I love that all the kids were given a daily planner at the school, and Evan's class kept a record of their work daily.   If or when I return to homeschooling, I think I'll do this for the year ahead of time so they can just check their planner to see what is expected of them that day.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, Karisa loves her school.  I'm just sayin' that with common core and all the pseudo-education going on that is frustrating kids and parents to death, I am feeling grateful for this little oasis in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.  When I didn't have any good schooling option, I homeschooled, and I still believe in homeschooling.  But I'm glad to have a school I believe in as well.  All parents deserve that choice.  Our bishop is even going to start teaching history here for 7-12th grades next year and he'll be terrific.  Yea!  I'm so glad it's summer!  

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