Sunday, June 29, 2014

Secret Combinations

We were reading our nightly scriptures and got to a part in Ether of the Book of Mormon where it talks about "secret combinations".  This is basically like the mob, or mafia (or increasingly our government), where people conspire to murder, cheat, and steal, and then cover for each other so no one ever knows.  It is said this was had on the earth since Cain.  It has proved to be the cause for the destruction of entire peoples, like the Jaredites, the Nephites, and countless others.

It's always rewarding to know that your kids understood the teachings they've been exposed to.  Today, Pat cringed and fell to the floor having been cut on the foot by something he stepped on.  He looked on the carpet and found a tack.  Then a minute later, he found a nail.  Then 10 minutes later a bigger tack all in the same place!

I said to Pat, "I guess we'll never know which one it was that got you."

and Dallas said, "Yea, it's like they formed a secret combination."

I was impressed and laughing at the same time!

Recently in the car, I was teaching Dallas about which finger you wear a wedding ring on, and how only that finger means something, so someday when he's in college he needs to look for people to date without a ring on their "married" finger.

But... I said, she could just be engaged, and if she's not married yet, and you really feel like she should marry you and not the other guy, you should let her know that before it's too late!

"But beware", (I was about to explain that there's no good way to get around a difficult situation like this and he needs to really be sure before he does something this bold), "because her boyfriend isn't going to like you, and you know what that means?"

Without hesitation, his fierce reply was, "Agni Kai."

If you ever watch the Avatar cartoons, which we LOVE, you'll know why I fell out laughing.  But if you don't here's the urban dictionary definition:

Agni Kai's are a popular (and violent) way of settling arguments in the Fire Nation. One person challenges another and they both face off in a fire-bending battle often to the death.

After church last Sunday, while our family was visiting, we went hiking up along the crest of the Sandias.  Dallas took his huge walking staff that he got from scout camp.  He was being funny and planting it down firmly in front of us and yelling, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!", you know, from Lord of the Rings?

About the third time, there was a tree stump right behind him, and after shouting YOU SHALL NOT PASS, he fell over backwards.  He didn't get embarrassed though, he just kinda smiled and went with it, sprawled out on the ground.  His acting was perfect, I was weak from laughting.  That kid.

By the way, Evan and I were both diagnosed yesterday with A) Ear infections, and B) Strep Throat, and we are both now on antibiotics which is why I'm not at church right now.  I hate missing church.  This has been and awful week.  We both feel better today, but can still barely talk or swallow.  The medicine is working slowly.  And poor Evan, his eardrum actually burst yesterday, before we got to urgent care, and he has had blood draining out of his ear for 24hours.  Makes me upset that when I took my very sick Evan into the doctor on Wednesday night, they wouldn't treat him and led me to believe that there was no point bringing him back because they're trying not to use antibiotics anymore to treat ear infections, so what's the point in going back in?", I thought.

But the pain meds were never enough for him, and finally I called Friday night desperate for some help, and they said, "you're welcome to bring him in in a day or two if it gets worse".  I was so frustrated and worried about Evan.  We just kept dosing him up with pain meds, alternating tylenol with ibuprofen.

When I woke up Saturday morning I was fed up with my own issues.  Another night of unbearable throat pain, little sleep, and fever, so I showed up on the clinic's doorstep the moment they opened asking for a strep test.  Luckily they saw me without an appointment.  As soon as we found out it was positive, we took Evan to urgent care and got him diagnosed and on antibiotics.  But by then it was a bit too late.  His eardrum had already burst. 

So I wonder, how many more of my kids will come down with it this week?  I hope none, but that never seems to be my lot in life.  Evan and I have been contagious for almost a week.  Blah. 

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