Friday, June 27, 2014

We've had a Birthday shout Hooray!

And a Baptism too!!!  Happy Day Evan!

(More about the baptism later).
Saw this idea on the internet.  Wasn't sure it was going to work with only one tier, but it did!  The M&M guys are actually a candy dispenser! ($10 Ebay).

Journal, Solar Robot.
We had all the kids pose for a picture, and looking at them was cracking me up.
Charles trying to get a taste.


Wanting more.

Sister won't let him.

A fight ensues.

And gets worse.

I have no idea what D and S are doing.

Evan just makes faces since he's holding the cake and can't move.

Sam can be super happy sometimes.

We are super proud of Evan.  He learned how to ride his bike!!!!  It's not easy with only rock roads to ride on :)  We love you Evan.  Happy Birthday!!!!
Our family visited and left on Monday and Evan and I have been suffering together ever since our company left.  He got an ear infection and we've both had a fever and super sore throat.  Went to the doctor for him on Wednesday night, and might end up there again because it just won't go away!  This is really frustrating since it's the first week of summer we actually had no place to be, and we spent it sick. Sorry if that was a depressing way to end this post, but that is exactly how I feel plus a whole lot of awful.

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