Sunday, August 3, 2014

Leia says the funniest things.

"Evan was bothering me this week and he was like putting a fly on me!  And then we couldn't watch a show."

"Mom when we get home you will play with me, OKAY?!!!"   She says it so brightly it's nearly impossible to refuse.  But sometimes I just can't play with her right then, so then she'll make crazy faces, and get nose to nose with me and say, in gorilla voice, "Yes you can!"

"Dad is this five?" (trying to get the right amount of forks for dinner)

I don't know.  You have to count them and tell me.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, yep, that's 5!"

(There really were five.)

"Dad, my life is mean and naughty, because it always takes away my dreams."

We have new LDS members who moved into the house right in front of ours.  (Imagine you hear me squealing with joy!)  They have two kids, a girl just a year older than Leia, and a boy about 2-3 years old.  They are fantastic!!!  They also have three beautiful horses!  Anyway, no matter how many times we tell Leia that the little girl's name is ______, she always insists that it's Erin.  We've been with them on three separate occasions and Leia still doesn't call her by her real name.  They were over swinging and chatting in our back yard, and then we walked them home, and afterward, Leia said, I'm really going to miss my friend Erin.  Sigh.  She always makes up names for people, and once she gets it, it sticks.
 Charlie's mouth is full of erupting teeth that have been super painful.  He's had a fever for three days, poor guy.
 A child of the meadow.  She loves to pick flowers for me.
We just finished the Book of Mormon as a family and it was awesome.  So inspiring and hopeful, yet so sad. I don't know how to express how much I know it's true. 

Speaking of that...

Leia's mother has decided firmly to never bear her testimony in church again.  It doesn't matter how strongly I feel what I'm saying, or how in normal conversation it would come out right and make sense, when I stand up at the pulpit in front of the congregation it always comes out wrong and I feel really retarded.  Makes me sad, because I know how important it is to testify.  In the future, however, my testimony should be written out, if it's ever to be shared in public.  Of course part of it was about my wonderful kids, who by the time I sat back down were all fighting and really mean to me in front of everyone, mostly because they were fasting and grumpy so every little thing made them more angry than they'd normally be.  (Just the older boys, and I don't even make them fast!)  It's weird to feel love one second, and the next want to violently drag out your kids in front of everyone.  Oh and the stake presidency was visiting for an extra measure of humiliation.   

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Sarah said...

I hope Leia's mom doesn't stick with that last proclamation because her testimony is often the one I am most touched by, kindred to, and appreciative of! (Really, really)