Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Fun

Everyone watching our car get washed.  Leia loves her backpack and fills it up with crazy stuff for each outing we go on.  She has to bring it everywhere.
Sam, bored, and out of video game time did this Clue puzzle.  Then you have to look through the special glass to reveal the secret.
He found it!  He is good at the psycho face.

We have had 8 power outages in July totaling almost 10 hours.  The worst was on the 4th of July, and there was no bad weather at all!  The power just goes out for no reason.

We actually splurged and bought nice bacon to eat for breakfast before going out to the parade.  Then halfway though cooking it, the power went out.  Since I have an electric stove we just let the bacon sit and hoped the power would come back on.  After an hour, I gave up and called the electric company.  "Yes we know your power is out.  Someone should be there in 2 hours to fix it."  Outrageous!!! 
So the bacon was all ruined, along with the rest of our breakfast, we had missed the parade, and I was very angry.  The only thing we could eat was bread since we couldn't open the fridge- and I have 5 kids!  The power was out from 8am-12:30 and finally came back on after we got back from buying McDonalds for breakfast/lunch.

I marched myself down to their offices the following week, and with all the kindness I could muster, I showed them my receipts for the bacon and McDonalds and asked to be reimbursed.  They eventually told me they don't guarantee continuous service and can't be held responsible for "acts of God".  (The perfectly calm sunny weather, I suppose).   Now after enduring several more power outages throughout this month, I am beyond frustrated.  My neighbors are beyond frustrated.  It's ridiculous.
All 5 watching a show.
Another call to the doctor.  D woke up with his eyelid swollen shut.  We still have no idea why.  It wasn't a sty, he had no sting or bite, no help from the Benadryl, and it lasted 3 days.  This is the third day when it had gone down significantly.
Leia loves the cupcake game.  That's all.
And Charles knows where is belly button is.

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