Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Goals

Charles using a spoon!

Well folks, I hate to tell you, but summer is almost over.

I am not one of those parents that leaps for joy at sending the kids back to school.

I am dreading it.

Why, you ask?

Because, that means I have to drive, drive, drive; come rain, sleet, snow, and freezing wind; and I can't be late.

And before all that, I have to drag all my people out of bed, make them breakfast, and lunch, change diapers, and make sure they are dressed appropriately.

I have to worry about their school work, the school asking for volunteer hours and money.  Always the money. School is a billion times more expensive than homeschool.  That's a scientific fact.

When you have little ones, volunteering is near impossible, unless you want to ask someone else to volunteer to watch your little ones, so you can volunteer to help at the school.

But in addition to regular school, I'll have the two I am homeschooling plus toddler Charles, soccer for three boys, and our callings which take an enormous amount of time.  (All this amongst 20 or so other things.)

Between all the campouts Pat's been on, and the business trips (he just got back from several days in D.C. again) I feel like I've been a single parent this summer just in survival mode.   Me not happy.
I was watching tv and liked this red checked tablecloth and blue tea set, so I took a picture.
Oh, and since I haven't been super happy, Pat's decided that I need to go back to school to have something for me.  This is something that I'm interested in, but thought I'd do it when the kids were all older.  Honestly, I wish I just had time to exercise without being stressed about what the kids are doing.  For the first time, I left Charles in Dallas's care for 45 minutes yesterday to have a run, and when I came home Charles was beyond mad.  There are no words to describe how upset he was that I left him.  Which means, until he grows out of that, I probably won't do that again. 

It's a fight to find time to read my scriptures, and after taking care of the house and kids, I can't seem to find time to do much else.  I was trying to pray this morning and Charles kept ramming his head into my side and growling. Someone always needs something when you're trying to talk to God. Or on the phone.  *smile*  I know I'll miss it someday, so I enjoy it as much as I can now, and say, "Heavenly Father, my child needs me.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Acting all cute and sweet while he sleeps.

  My mom has taught me the art of stressing about everything until you become kind of paralyzed and can't do anything.  We're awesome like that.  I hope adding classes to my work load doesn't do this to me.  When I feel super depressed about not measuring up, I say to myself, "It's not your season for that", or "...but you're doing great at this", or, "we all have different talents, and are born into different circumstances, and until I can learn so-and-so's talents, I'll just admire her for her amazing abilities", or "I am exactly where God wants me to be right now, and I'm doing the best I can", and I get over it.  It's freeing to care less and less about what others think and just be yourself.  I always have taken myself too seriously.  But it's how I am.  I feel things deeply.

Dal and his friend Lar dirtbiking.

Did we accomplish all we set out to do this summer?  Not by a long shot.  I started to type all my goals I'd written down for this summer, and then stopped because there was so much we didn't do.  But we did have a good summer overall, and certainly can't complain.  Mostly this summer, we just played around the house, had lots of friends over, and the three older boys rode their bikes and visited our neighbor Warren, helping him wash his motorcycle and stuff.  We've also been getting to know our new neighbors!  I feel rich.  We live in a wonderful place!!!  I love where I live!  Last night, we took the kids out to pizza to celebrate Dad coming home, and we all laughed so hard through the meal, and had so much fun together, that I knew, without a doubt, that I am rich beyond measure. 

Went to a park after pizza.  This is in Albuquerque.  The mountains are called the Sandias, which means watermelon, because when the sun goes down they look pink.  We live up on the backside of those mountains.
Oh, and after being delayed constantly by other obligations, Sam finally finished 4th grade!!!  Just in time to start 5th!!!!

His final project and report which he presented to us on family night in July.

Afterward he got out all his old piano songs and started relearning them with vigor.  I could tell he was energized and super proud of himself for finishing school!
I have gone through everyone's closets and gotten rid of lots of old clothes and they have their new uniforms ready to go.  I've washed and sanitized their lunch boxes several times and they're ready to go for another year.  We finally had the time to move Charles out of our room, and he slept in a big boy bed for the first time last night with his siblings.  Yea Charles!  (He's almost 18 months old.)  We're cleaning out backpacks and buying the endless lists of school supplies required.  Things are moving forward, and we can't stop school from coming, so I pray that this will be a good year, and that we will be successful in our endeavors.  Oh!  And it's someone's birthday this week!
Glad Pat finally fixed this hand grinder after years.  Freshly ground wheat and other grains are super tasty. 

Sam and Evan both gave talks today at church, and they were both so smiley (whoa Sam!) and confident that I knew we must be doing something right.  Most things I'm probably doing wrong.  Like my refusal to organize the silverware drawer.

 But something must be right.


Christy said...

You just spoke everything that is in my heart. It is so hard. There just isn't enough time, and certainly not enough time to do my things, like exercise and pray and read and study. It makes me sad sometimes, but like you said "everything in its season."

I hope things smooth out a little for you and you settle in okay. Good luck on your classes. :)

Emily said...

Karisa, I love your much! I rarely comment, but I do read your posts from time to time, and I have to say that this one really spoke to me. I feel the same way you expressed about so many things. I feel deeply, too, and can get too serious. But, at the same time, it takes all kinds in this world, right? And your deep thoughts and feelings allow you to connect with and uplift others. Thank you for being you...and for refusing to organize your silverware drawer! I can't tell you how much I loved that! :) You are doing so many things right. I look at all of your experiences with your kids, your strivings, your successes and I can unequivocally say that you are doing SO MANY GOOD THINGS and SO MANY THINGS RIGHT! Keep on keeping on, friend! :) You are so wonderful and such a good example...this post made me wish I could sit down and talk with you again, as I always learned so much and felt so enriched after talking with you.

Patrick Mullen said...

Emily, you have no idea how good you just made me feel. I think I can live off of that compliment for the next 20 years. With friends like you, how could I fail? You have always been an inspiration to me, and we sure need each other even from afar for the sisterly encouragement to keep on keeping on! I hope our paths continue to cross all our lives!

Patrick Mullen said...

Sorry Emily- that was me Karisa, not Pat. For some reason it won't let me sign in as me!