Saturday, August 2, 2014

The thing about Evan turning 8 is he has now entered scouts like his bros.  He didn't want to pose for this picture though.  It's been fun, teaching him to play catch, run for 5 minutes, do a frog leap, etc.  It's been good for us to spend time doing stuff together I wouldn't have thought of to do otherwise.  He is working away!
Sam's friend Tyler over to visit and they did this whole puzzle!  300 pieces.
These three loved playing racetrack together.  James, Evan and Leia were laughing so hard! They had a great time swinging too.  We have exchanged kids lots this summer with various friends.
Some of D's projects I forgot to photograph during the school year.

Me gearing up for lunches as school is soon to start- revising things a little.
I love turkey burgers.  They are so versatile and so good and don't make me gross out like other meat.  Here's a leftover burger, cut in half, and put on a tortilla with avocado for lunch.
We have had some serious storms here lately.  Mostly this last week.  It's never been so green here.  My trees are so happy!
We love these cuties!  Pat calls this a Harry Potter photo, where the people are alive.

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Steph said...

I love that last picture. The progression of Leia giving Charlie love, and Charlie having none of it. Also, your lunch menu looks good. I could really go for some bean dip and chips.