Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marching on...

Almost this whole month of September it rained. And rained and rained and rained. We are so thankful!!!!
Time just keeps marching on, and it is a joyful thing to be alive.  I listened to a talk yesterday by Jeffrey R. Holland, which said, if you try to chase happiness like chasing a butterfly, it will elude you.  But if you are busy with something else, it will come and sit on your shoulder.

My sunflowers are enormous!

Pat got Leia right as she came around.

Friends over.  Sometimes I make my cinnamon rolls ahead of time and freeze the little spiral/disks.  Then when we want cinnamon rolls in the morning, we just get out 8, set them in a buttered 9x13, cover with plastic wrap and leave them on the counter all night to defrost and rise.  In the morning, remove plastic and bake.  They are to die for.  Especially with a sweet butter-cream cheese frosting. 

A week of slaving away on this entertainment center that I purchased at a thrift store for $50.  Three coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, and 2 coats of polycrylic? sealer protectant.  I always imagine things will be easier in my head.  Glad that's done.  I. Will. Never. Do. It. Again.  But I love it.  Pay no attention to the white stuffed animal on top, and the two kids that think I built them a fort.

Crock-pot I got at a friends garage sale for .50 cents!  Now I can make bone soups!

Soccer is in full swing.  One month down, one to go.  The teams are co-ed this year. 

Sam the goalie.  Sam has gone a couple years without wanting to play soccer.  This year he's on D's team and they are both great!  They're both fast and not afraid and are having a blast.

A bone soup.  I can buy bones pretty cheap at the store, or save them from other meals and simmer in water for 1-3 days and get a rich flavorful healthy broth.  It is so good for you, and tastes better than storebought.  Now that I have a crockpot, I can do this easily by just leaving it on low all the time.  When I'm ready to use it, I just strain out any solids and add onion, garlic, beans, potatoes, noodles, etc.  The kids love it!   Dallas will eat 6 bowls at one meal.  I need a bigger crock pot.

Sumo wrestling.

A homeschool day making Latkes.  Man, they are soooo good to eat!  These need to make a regular appearance here!  And today, Evan got to make an Egyptian pyramid.  I would like all my kids to stay home again next year.  But the school is pretty great.  It's a tough decision.

We found something to fill it up!  A bed for Leia!

The boy's school had a Renaissance Fair.  They encouraged everyone to dress up, and speak old-time talk.  It was a lot of fun.

Dallas's class performing.

Charlie forgot his Renaissance clothes.  Daisy was just happy to dress up.

Our bishop getting pie-d while locked in the stocks.  Man I'd never do that.

It's Fall and the roasting green chili's are found outside all the stores.  The smell is amazing.  It's also time for Schwebach corn which is pretty famous here and so delicious and sweet!!!  I'll eat it raw, or cooked like this (mayo, Parmesan cheese and chili powder), or made into enchiladas, or pretty much anyway. 

An Asian noodle salad we had that turned out pretty great.

I have lists for everything and everything on a list.  I'm not bound by them, but I do try to keep to them.  The reason is that if I don't then I won't get anything done that needs getting done!  But this is last months list and almost everything has already changed.   Carpool, music lessons, church meetings, etc.  That's the way it goes.  But I go ahead and make a new one because I have to see what can be fit into each day/week/month analyzing what needs to be cut out, or what needs to be focused on more.   Then once it's perfect, I put it on the wall and never look at it.  I just do the best I can.  For example, we parents are supposed to be in bed by 9pm to get the sleep we need, but with all my homework now, that goes over by 2 hours every night.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Quinoa and Cilantro.  Love it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A mission call!

Eric has been called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is going to the Russia St Petersburg Mission!!!  How exciting is that!!!  He didn't go Spanish speaking like all three of his brothers.  Pat went to Venezuela, Rick to Mexico, and Brian to Costa Rica, (I went to Chile).  So what a new deal to be headed to Russia!!!  Yea for Eric!!!!!  We're so happy for you because we know what an amazing experience this will be.  If you truly love the people, which I know you will, you will be happier than you ever thought possible.  It is so hard, but it is so worth it!!!!   I love you!

It was neat for my boys to hear you read that letter from the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.  What a blessing.  Good job choosing the right, Eric.  You have no idea right now how many people this affects.  Imagine the people in Russia who you will touch.  You don't know them, and they don't know you, but God is preparing it all to come together.  Your actions have a ripple effect all around you, even reaching to those not yet born on this Earth.  It brings me to tears just thinking it!  God bless you!

(And you better do a good job!) *smile*

Eric and Beth

Saturday, September 13, 2014


I still remember everything about 9/11, and I don't hide what happened from my kids.  I show them the videos and talk to them about it each year.  We made this sign and put it up near our house, inspired by others who had done the same around town.  My favorite is a huge sign displayed each year over the freeway by someone.  I thank them, whoever they are, for remembering each year to do that.

I went to the flag ceremony that our school does each morning for K-12.  They had the usual announcements, recitations, and songs and then they had one of the high school teachers talk to everyone.  He looks to be about in his 50's, and has a NY accent.  He was a fireman in NYC on 9/11, and has since moved here.  How interesting is that?  It was a really neat flag ceremony.  He said his brother is still there and his son.  Both firefighters too.  He said he moved her for several reasons, but that being a firefighter is the best job in the world, and he talked about what it was like that day.

Charles during flag ceremony.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

August stuff

First day of school!  Dallas 6th grade, Sam 5th.  Dallas Mr. Moschel, Sam Mrs. Schumpert.  We love these teachers!

The new sleeping room with all five kiddos.

We've had sooooo much rain in July and August that New Mexico is super green!!! 

My yard is a meadow of flowers!

I made Daisy a wreath of daisies for her hair.

Charles- this is the beginning of his fit.  He wants something and I won't give it to him so the first maneuver is the sit-down-on-the-floor.
Next is the full blown fit.  Love him.
Back to school dance for the youth.  The cultural hall was decorated with math equations, and all sorts of school stuff and the kids dressed up as nerds. 
Aren't they cool?!
Hike with the L family.  Charlie was fascinated by the back of Spencer's pants.
Larry brought us some tadpoles from his house.
Evan can now make our healthy oatmeal muffins all on his own.  I can say, "Evan make us some after school snacks" (or dinner muffins) and he does!

Here's the recipe he uses:

Cake I made for my friend Julie who cannot have any carbs at all.  I should do this for my neighbor Warren!  It had grapes under the strawberries, and a few nuts scattered.

Carrot Cake I made for my friend Andrea.  She and Julie had a birthday party together and we had an awesome girls night with friends!  I was just excited to make the cakes.  No one ever requests my super-duper-excellent carrot cake so I haven't made it in years!
Now, switch gears, because this might gross you out.  Sam is eating sardines.  I'm so proud of him I took a picture.  Sardines are super healthy.  It was a case of nothing-left-in-the-house-to-eat, so he asked if he could try them.  All the kids did!  I can't say they liked them, but they would eat them.  That's about how I feel too.

Trebuchet, or catapult that Pat built with the kids.  Sam is on the couch wearing a helmet waiting for the launch.

While I was in Utah, Pat dressed our beautiful girl with my necklace for church.  I just love my sweet Daisy.  This makes me think of the poem: She walks in beauty like the night...  I know she's not a traditional beauty, but to me she is an angel.  She is so, so cute and growing up way too fast.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Something Old, Something New...

My cousin Cait and her man Randy got married a couple weekends ago and it was a wonderful time!  I flew out there for a quick weekend trip, since I had to be back for the kids to start school on Monday.  I was so glad I got to see so much of my family!   I forgot to take pictures like I always do except for these few, but I'll have to see if I can steal some from other people. My sister came all the way from Logan to pick me up at 11pm or so when my plane landed.  My cousin Amy came with her.  Love them!

Something new: The Ogden Temple.  The day before the wedding we got to walk through it for the open house.  

Something blue: my cousin Scott's vest.  (Maybe more teal.)
Waiting for the Bride and Groom...
...outside the Logan Temple...
...my pretty sister and Aunt.  We'll count Steph as something borrowed.  As in I'm going to borrow her soon.
I must have been taking a picture when everyone moved, since I don't usually cut people's heads off.  But I like this picture.  It shows the bride and her mother in their beautiful dresses.  I like it!

Something old: The Logan Temple where she was married.  Isn't it beautiful?  Built so long ago!
The sealing was wonderful.  The reception was wonderful.  So many people!  So much good food.  Cait and Randy sang a duet and it was amazing.  The voices on those two are stunning.

I always forget how funny my family is until I'm with them again.  Oh, and I forgot that they can sit and talk for hours; even if they are all at a restaurant.  It must have been a stressful weekend with this being my Aunt Karen's first wedding, but Karen and Al seemed to just take it all in stride.  Kristen did the photos, and Uncle Al's brother looks like his identical twin.  Aunt Janet had me cracking up, and I completely forgot how funny and animated my Uncle John is.  I loved hearing his familiar voice, and seeing everyone's familiar faces.  Nice that he took pictures too.  I loved hanging out with Amy and the Leon's a bit, and Mandy and Jennifer and seeing all their children.  Aunt Paula always makes me feel awesome.  I love my family missed those in our family who weren't there- especially Grandma and Grandpa.  Especially our boy cousins!  We had to do a lot of hard work setting up, and taking down after two events and we really needed John-John, Brian, Jeremy, Danny, Greg, Kyle, and Brandon.  

Sitting under a big tree trying to get some shade while waiting to take picture.  Mandy's cute girls playing.

 I forgot how pretty the houses in Utah are.  I loved walking to the temple early in the morning.  It was a long day for me since I got up at 5am to make it to a session in the temple before the sealing.  It's rare I can do that so easily without arranging babysitting and all that racket.  Sad I couldn't stay around for leftover cake, food, cookies, more food, and most of all gelato!!!  But I came down with a wicked cold so I could not get home fast enough, and of course the kids were starting school.  I've been trying to not eat sugar, but once the sore throat hit, I ate whatever would make it stop hurting!!!  Gelato was the best.

I hope my kids all like each other and support each other like my Aunts and Uncles. 

One last Question: Why don't planes have air conditioning while they sit in the 100 degree heat of an Arizona tarmac for a 45 minute layover?