Thursday, September 4, 2014

August stuff

First day of school!  Dallas 6th grade, Sam 5th.  Dallas Mr. Moschel, Sam Mrs. Schumpert.  We love these teachers!

The new sleeping room with all five kiddos.

We've had sooooo much rain in July and August that New Mexico is super green!!! 

My yard is a meadow of flowers!

I made Daisy a wreath of daisies for her hair.

Charles- this is the beginning of his fit.  He wants something and I won't give it to him so the first maneuver is the sit-down-on-the-floor.
Next is the full blown fit.  Love him.
Back to school dance for the youth.  The cultural hall was decorated with math equations, and all sorts of school stuff and the kids dressed up as nerds. 
Aren't they cool?!
Hike with the L family.  Charlie was fascinated by the back of Spencer's pants.
Larry brought us some tadpoles from his house.
Evan can now make our healthy oatmeal muffins all on his own.  I can say, "Evan make us some after school snacks" (or dinner muffins) and he does!

Here's the recipe he uses:

Cake I made for my friend Julie who cannot have any carbs at all.  I should do this for my neighbor Warren!  It had grapes under the strawberries, and a few nuts scattered.

Carrot Cake I made for my friend Andrea.  She and Julie had a birthday party together and we had an awesome girls night with friends!  I was just excited to make the cakes.  No one ever requests my super-duper-excellent carrot cake so I haven't made it in years!
Now, switch gears, because this might gross you out.  Sam is eating sardines.  I'm so proud of him I took a picture.  Sardines are super healthy.  It was a case of nothing-left-in-the-house-to-eat, so he asked if he could try them.  All the kids did!  I can't say they liked them, but they would eat them.  That's about how I feel too.

Trebuchet, or catapult that Pat built with the kids.  Sam is on the couch wearing a helmet waiting for the launch.

While I was in Utah, Pat dressed our beautiful girl with my necklace for church.  I just love my sweet Daisy.  This makes me think of the poem: She walks in beauty like the night...  I know she's not a traditional beauty, but to me she is an angel.  She is so, so cute and growing up way too fast.


Christy said...

What a wonderful big room to put all the kids in! That is GREAT!

Love the flowers!

You had so many fun things in this post that I don't think I can comment on all of them but it looks like a fun month. Oh, I loved the cakes. I love carrot cake and don't get to have/make it very often either.

The sardines, crazy. We don't even have them in our home. What brave kids to try them all.

I cant' believe how big your Daisy is getting. She is still a baby in my mind, which is funny since I have never met her. Too cute!

Kate said...

The muffins look great! Are you willing to share the recipe?

Pat said...

We updated the post to include the recipe.