Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

I wasn't having any ideas for Sam's birthday party besides a couple of things he needed for gifts. I like to have a theme and make it super memorable and fun.  Then, it hit me.  We could have a Lego party!  (We had just seen the Lego movie that came out over a year ago and the kids really liked it).

Wish we could have taken this Lego guy home for the party!
The song in the Lego movie is Everything is Awesome which was the theme for our party.
Dinner is awesome!
Presents are awesome!  Christmas wrapping paper is awesome!
Mom gave Sam a book he'd been wanting called "George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior".  He was genuinely happy!  Awesome!
Mom dancing is awesome?  (I don't actually think I'm dancing).
Reminds me of this:

Sam's second gift: a Lego Batman.  Awesome!

Sam's third gift!

A vacuum cleaner?  Awesome!  He was perplexed but accepting of the gift, and started thanking us, when we told him to look inside the box.

A Lego set is always more awesome than a vacuum.
Sam was determined to have just plain vanilla ice-cream for dessert.  No matter what toppings I offered, he stuck to plain vanilla.  No matter what other desserts I offered, he was not swayed. So vanilla ice-cream it was.
Watch Leia living vicariously through Sam. 

Sam has really matured and grown in this last year.  For example, after this party, (I mean days after), he would still come to me randomly and hug me and thank us for the gifts.  He has been so thoughtful and good lately.  He has been a real help to me and I have been so proud of him.

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Christy said...

Leia looks just like a Mullen in these pictures. :) What a fun birthday. I love the vacuum trick. Too cute!