Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Something Old, Something New...

My cousin Cait and her man Randy got married a couple weekends ago and it was a wonderful time!  I flew out there for a quick weekend trip, since I had to be back for the kids to start school on Monday.  I was so glad I got to see so much of my family!   I forgot to take pictures like I always do except for these few, but I'll have to see if I can steal some from other people. My sister came all the way from Logan to pick me up at 11pm or so when my plane landed.  My cousin Amy came with her.  Love them!

Something new: The Ogden Temple.  The day before the wedding we got to walk through it for the open house.  

Something blue: my cousin Scott's vest.  (Maybe more teal.)
Waiting for the Bride and Groom...
...outside the Logan Temple... pretty sister and Aunt.  We'll count Steph as something borrowed.  As in I'm going to borrow her soon.
I must have been taking a picture when everyone moved, since I don't usually cut people's heads off.  But I like this picture.  It shows the bride and her mother in their beautiful dresses.  I like it!

Something old: The Logan Temple where she was married.  Isn't it beautiful?  Built so long ago!
The sealing was wonderful.  The reception was wonderful.  So many people!  So much good food.  Cait and Randy sang a duet and it was amazing.  The voices on those two are stunning.

I always forget how funny my family is until I'm with them again.  Oh, and I forgot that they can sit and talk for hours; even if they are all at a restaurant.  It must have been a stressful weekend with this being my Aunt Karen's first wedding, but Karen and Al seemed to just take it all in stride.  Kristen did the photos, and Uncle Al's brother looks like his identical twin.  Aunt Janet had me cracking up, and I completely forgot how funny and animated my Uncle John is.  I loved hearing his familiar voice, and seeing everyone's familiar faces.  Nice that he took pictures too.  I loved hanging out with Amy and the Leon's a bit, and Mandy and Jennifer and seeing all their children.  Aunt Paula always makes me feel awesome.  I love my family missed those in our family who weren't there- especially Grandma and Grandpa.  Especially our boy cousins!  We had to do a lot of hard work setting up, and taking down after two events and we really needed John-John, Brian, Jeremy, Danny, Greg, Kyle, and Brandon.  

Sitting under a big tree trying to get some shade while waiting to take picture.  Mandy's cute girls playing.

 I forgot how pretty the houses in Utah are.  I loved walking to the temple early in the morning.  It was a long day for me since I got up at 5am to make it to a session in the temple before the sealing.  It's rare I can do that so easily without arranging babysitting and all that racket.  Sad I couldn't stay around for leftover cake, food, cookies, more food, and most of all gelato!!!  But I came down with a wicked cold so I could not get home fast enough, and of course the kids were starting school.  I've been trying to not eat sugar, but once the sore throat hit, I ate whatever would make it stop hurting!!!  Gelato was the best.

I hope my kids all like each other and support each other like my Aunts and Uncles. 

One last Question: Why don't planes have air conditioning while they sit in the 100 degree heat of an Arizona tarmac for a 45 minute layover?

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