Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Land of New Mexico

One last walk in the woods before school started.  We got rained out, so it ended quickly...
...but I loved it.  Just being with our family.  The laughter and the quiet of just us on the mountain.  Our town has an elevation of 6765, and this was about a 20 minute drive to this pretty place called Sulfur Canyon.

This picture has 6 people in it.  Can you find them all? 

Dallas and Sam posing dramatically.
It was a theme with Sam that day.  We got soaked!  Sad that I never got me in any of the pictures, but we were trying to hurry and leave because of the rain.

This is the high desert right near our house.  We've had so much rain lately that it is all green.  I was surprised, flying home from Utah how green it was.  We had a layover in Arizona, and it was pure brown.  Then flying into Albuquerque it was super green!  I love it when we have years like this!

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