Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pat had a birthday, and we celebrated all week!  Root beer floats one day, his favorite burger place another day, mushroom soup, etc.  I tried to do something each day.  The best thing I probably did for him was getting the Giants into the playoffs.  I'm one awesome wife.  Oh and I made him his cheesecake on Sunday.  We don't usually give each other additional gifts.  That already killed the budget.

The boys made up a scavenger hunt for their dad that began with this letter, delivered to our door by a man named Seth McCrab (who looked a lot like Sam).  He is the head of the 'Have a Bad Birthday Club'.  After it was dropped off, Sam must have changed his clothes outside, because he came strolling in acting like he didn't know anything in a totally different outfit.  Anyway, the letter sent Pat looking for clues which eventually led him to collect quite a bit of candy.  Cool boys we have to do this all on their own.

Other than that, Dallas is sick, and so we all ate chicken noodle soup.  We roasted a chicken three days ago, and after getting all the meat off, I put the bones in water and let that simmer for the last three days.  Meanwhile, we used the meat to make chicken enchiladas, and then to put in the soup tonight.  That's three meals out of one chicken!

Sam scored two goals this weekend at soccer and Evan one!  They are all doing so great!  Dallas got to spend the night with his best friend Larry.  They have a great time together and we love their family. 

Here's Evan taking a photo on his own of his Egyptian pyramid.  He even made chambers inside.

Pumpkin patch trip with our homeschool group.  This pumpkin patch is tons of fun and only 20 minutes away.

Corn maze.

A funny this week:  I was heading out the door to my meeting down in Albuquerque with my three at-home kids in tow, when I got a desperate call for help from another mom friend.  She needed me to watch her four boys, right now!  I told her about my meeting and said I'd take them if she didn't mind me driving them all to Albuquerque.  So I showed up to my presidency meeting with 7 kids, two of which are babies!  To my surprise they all behaved wonderfully, and we got a bunch of stuff decided and planned. I made the announcements for the upcoming stake auxiliary training, finished the stake young women's calendar for 2015, and budget.  It's a good thing my van can seat 8!  Busy, busy days lately.

Since school started this year I've been going to work out in the mornings at the church with some of the other moms.  I never felt like going until this year for some reason.  Man do I love them!  They are inspiring!  Two of the mom's lead it and others take over if they're out of town.  Our kids run all over and moms take breaks to nurse babies, kiss hurts, and take little ones to the bathroom, so you'd think not much gets done, but the exercise is unlike anything I've ever experienced.  They absolutely kill me with horrible exercises I've never even heard of and this horrible lady named Jillian Michaels?  One mom, Amber, who instructs on Wednesdays has to be the best yoga teacher in the world.  She has taught yoga for years, and is as graceful and flexible as a ballerina.  She kills me too, but it is so neat to see my body improving.   Most of the time I can barely move nowadays because I'm so sore, and I only do half of what they do, if that!  I'm really out of shape compared to them.   I really enjoy it though, and am so thankful to them.  I love hanging out with them, and having a bit of social time before my long days begin.  Some moms disappear for a while because they get pregnant or are busy with a new baby, but they come back as soon as they can.  When I see these super moms who are so strong in body and spirit and so talented, I know Satan doesn't stand a chance.  Mom power!!!

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Christy said...

What a fun place to get pumpkins!

Your exercise group sounds AWESOME! I wish we had a group going. Right now I do it at home on my own. It is always easier to do it with other people though, and the socialization is nice too. :)