Friday, November 21, 2014

More Snow

Last Saturday night we got more snow at our house.  It was enough that they cancelled church for the day.  It ended up being a nice sunny day with snow, the kids loved it.  Charlie liked looking at it but didn't want to go near the snow.  Leia wanted to make a snowman but it the powder was too soft.  It ended up being a hot chocolate, read books by the fire kind of Sunday.

"Smile Charlie"

"Hmmmmm...snow seemed nice in theory."

Sorry for the bad lighting, I (Pat) was out in my bare feet and wasn't going to get frostbite for a better shot.

I might have been cold but crackers make me feel better.

Thanks Evan for shoveling for us, makes it easier to get to the cars the next few days until the snow melts.

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Christy said...

WE haven't had any snow yet but we are hopeful. Glad your kids had fun. Sounds like a nice Sunday! :)