Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Today we went to two churches, ours and a friends.  Since it was Christmas Sunday, everyone talked of the Christmas story, and we were asked twice what our Christmas traditions were.  I decided to write them down, because these are the things that really make Christmas CHRISTMAS to us.

Music- all sorts, Handel's Messiah, my music folder, bells, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Mary did you know?, John Denver with the Muppets Christmas, Beach Boys, Manheim Steamroller, everything...

Watch Mr. Kruger's Christmas

Watch Nora's Christmas

Watch The Christmas Box - (The first gift of Christmas was a child.  "Andrea!")

Read Lauralei's book on December 19th (the day she was born 2001). Our first baby.

Read scriptures and a stories from our Christmas book

Read "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Watch the 1970 version with Albert Finney or the Muppets version.

Sing or Listen to Handel's Messiah.

Read "The Hiding Place" by Ten Boom

Read "A Christmas Dress for Ellen" by Thomas S. Monson

Read "Great Joy" by Kate DiCamillo

Anonymously give to others

Send Christmas cards with family photos if possible.  I would have quit this long ago, but I think some people really need these cards, or just to have something tangible that says someone was thinking about them.

On Christmas Eve, open one gift Christmas Eve which is new pajamas (if possible)! Read the Christmas story from scriptures.

Make a big Christmas morning breakfast that's not sweet!

Share the gospel and gifts with friends and neighbors, teachers, police, firemen, doctors, etc.

Christmas baking and crafts if possible.

Watch the first Little House on the Praire movie.  It has a Christmas scene in it where they aren't going to have any presents out alone on the prairie. Caroline reminds Charles that "it's Christ's birthday, not ours", so it doesn't matter.  In the end, they do receive presents from their neighbor who braves a blizzard to bring them some very simple and happy things.  I adore this.

Share the gift of music if possible

Thanksgiving type dinner, and Enchiladas, Posole, or Tamales

Ward Christmas party, and school musical performances.  Go see a play if possible or a performance like the Nutcracker.

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