Friday, December 19, 2014

Perhaps the best thing...

...about Pat visiting his family is that he brought home some of his dad's rocky road candy!

Fun in the snow!

Evan, Leia and I've been making bracelets for fun.

Is there any greater blessing than being with the ones you love?

I don't know if you can see the little yellow pieces of paper taped to the floor.  It has something to do with a scavenger hunt for Sam's missing tooth.  He lost it at school, brought it home and then lost it over and over again.  Evan must have found it and is leading Sam on a hunt to get it back.

A dear hearted friend and her family gave Leia this practically new doll house.  She was so ecstatic she was hyperventilating!  She just kept crying, "Mom!  I love this so much!" in her high squeaky voice. 

Anonymous is doing the 12 days of Christmas on us too!  Their gifts have been so cute and such a blessing.  For example, when we came home from a late concert at the school, instead of french hens, there was a loaf of french bread, which everyone eagerly ate up since the kids were hungry!  It is so thoughtful, and it's not easy to doorbell ditch us!  Our road is an awful mess, and if you don't want your car to be seen (we've never seen their car) you have to walk like 1/4 mile, half of that being our driveway and road where we can see you.  Do they dart from tree to tree?!?  How do they do it?!

One reason I kept putting off going to the hospital was the IV's.  I've had more IV's than I can count and I hate them.  Four tries this time to get it, and the bruises from the failed ones are huge and painful!!!

In other news, we continue to make our yearly family books.  We have many (some not pictured) and the kids love reading them on Sundays, as well as the books from Grandma Dixie and Grandma Mary.

We were happy to hear Grandma Dixie finished her book and when Pat was visiting his family last weekend she gave him her book to add to our collection.  It is my goal to do books like these for my extended family.  


Christy said...

We have done the 12 days to families before and it is so fun and SO CHALLENGING to try to be sneaky, especially once they know to look for you. I am glad someone is doing that for your family. SO fun.

We make books each year too from our blog. What a great idea to have them out on Sundays. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the money but I love preserving our memories. Pulling it out each week is a GREAT idea and I can't wait to start doing that with my family!

Karisa said...

Thanks for the comment! Our books are just on a bookshelf in the living room, so they get them out on their own every so often. Glad to share!