Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Give or Take a Few Days

I know posting pictures of food really bugs some people, but I am not one of them.  I love food and all the ideas it gives me!  So here is our Thanksgiving feast!

Turkey Craft with the kids the day before Thanksgiving.

Butternut and Acorn squash for me two days before Thanksgiving.

Spinach Dip and Deviled Eggs.  Two of my favorite appetizers.  (Not my photo of the Spinach dip but mine looked just like that, I swear!) *wink*

Pat's wonderful Sourdough Bread!

Pat's wonderful Turkey!  He cooked it upside down for a few hours, and then turned it right side up and smeared it all over with a butter/fresh herb mixture.  (Rosemary and Parsley).  We didn't brine it, bag it, or do anything else amazing besides basting it now and then, and it was the best turkey I remember tasting ever! 

My Stuffing (from a box) with added fresh herbs and apples.  I love stuffing!

What would Thanksgiving be without oranges?!! I love cuties/halos, etc.

I made cranberry sauce and green beans, and Pat made the mashies and excellent gravy!  It was such a good Thanksgiving dinner!!!!!!!

Apple Cider.  We usually do Martinellis sparkling cider, but I forgot this year and had this instead.

Raspberry, pretzel, jello, cream cheese, whip cream thingy I tried this year.  A taste sensation!  A friend makes this every year and it sounded gross, so I had to make it to see.  It would be a great potluck dish. We ate this a couple days before Thanksgiving too.  Here's the recipe:

And here are my lovely loves!

I cannot begin to say how blessed I feel in so many ways and how happy and thankful I am.  God has been very good to us. 

The only dessert we had on Thanksgiving day was Pumpkin Pie made by Pat.  It's his favorite!

It was plenty and satisfying and wonderful.  I had planned on making two other pies, but never did and it didn't matter!  You almost appreciate everything better when it isn't all at once.  A week later I made my chocolate pudding pies that we served with whip cream.  They have a bit of coconut in them because I felt like it.

And I still haven't made my Razzleberry pie!  I'm so looking forward to it :)

All together, we had a very lazy Thanksgiving day.  I didn't feel like doing much of anything as I've been overworked and really tired lately.  We did get out our Christmas stuff to decorate though!  It was not easy!  We inherited this tree from a friend who didn't want it because the lights didn't work I guess, so we all worked for hours unclipping, unwinding, and untying the broken lights that were up and down every single branch before we could decorate it.  It's such a pretty tree and I'm so happy with it!

And we finished White Fang, which I've been reading to the kids lately. I'm sure we watched some Studio C and played some games, but I don't remember.  It was a great day, and Pat really did most of everything, bless him.  He really is the best husband ever.

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