Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ward Christmas Party 2014

Our ward decided to have breakfast for Christmas dinner. I thought that might work, and might not depending!  It turned out really well in the end.  I think maybe they think it's more predictable than telling everyone to bring enchiladas, since enchilada recipes can be so different.  I have like 20 myself. Some good, some not so good.  It's a quest I've been on for years.  But I digress...

So some families brought hams sliced and ready to go (most of this was paid for by the ward), some fruit salad, some muffins from Costco, and some (like us) a potato and egg casserole.

I've made a lot of breakfast casseroles and usually I decide they aren't that great.  But it's not like you can have fresh scrambled eggs, or fried, or omelets at a ward party!  So we followed the recipe we were given.

It started with potatoes baked, then diced and fried.  They tasted so good!
Then top with cheese.  Then pour over everything the 18 eggs that have been whisked up and bake.  That's where everything went downhill, I think. 
We got to the party, and it was so packed we had to sit at different tables, and it was served family style so my casserole went to another different table.  After everyone was done, I hunted down my casserole with help since they all looked the same, because I wanted to taste is and see if it was worth making again.  Nope!  It just looked disgusting and tasted gross which is weird because the potatoes were so good and eggs and cheese are all good!
These are the directions we were given, and whoever made the casserole at the table I sat at didn't follow it.  Their casserole was better than mine.  Still- it's not like it tasted bad.  It just wasn't fabulous. 
But the party was.  They had different activities that people could do after dinner if they wanted to and served us all cookies and treats and it was a good time!
The clean up.  Evan on a mission.
Larry welcoming us to the North Pole.
Pictures on the train.  I could not get a cute one because the kids were all being so silly.  Those aren't all my kids, but there's my little Leia!
We have a great church family to put all this together for us.

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