Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NYE dance with the youth.  Finally the decorating is done and the dance is about to start!
First game room.
They have an underground room that became the second game room.

Lining up his animals.
In a snow tunnel they built.

A frost covered morning.

D&C doing the dishes together.

She dressed herself for church!
Charles watches his dad and brothers play baseball and how they bring their knee up to throw.  Here we are playing ball and now he thinks he has to put his leg up for every throw!  He doesn't quite have it yet...


Steph said...

SERIOUSLY? Why do your kids grow up so fast? I cant handle it!

Christy said...

Your kids are adorable. The youth dance decorations look great. I should have you come over and do Abby's 16th birthday party. I am nervous. I love when the kids do dishes together, especially when the older ones are letting the little ones help. Cute!