Saturday, February 14, 2015


Charles is talking like crazy now.  Wood! Noah! Mom Mere! (Mom come here.) Deer! (for some reason he yells Deer! while I'm driving around), and Kneel! for when it's time for prayer.  He has such a cute little voice.  He counts by pointing at things and going, "One, Two, Two, Two,...".  He is crazy like all who have gone before him and seems to take after Sam in height.  Putting pants on him is futile.  They'll be off in minutes.   

Pat was folding and putting away clothes.  Charles was helping and had to sniff each one first to see if it was really clean or dirty.  He must see me doing that :)

Yesterday we walked a couple miles as a family and all the boys carried a walking stick that they'd found.  Charles refused to sit in his stroller.  And he had to have his own stick.  He is all boy.

On the other hand, Leia has been distraught for the last half hour about a dead fly on the floor in the bathroom.  Pat told her to get a brother to take care of it, but I guess no one's helping her.  She came back to Pat and said, "It's not going well with me.  The fly is still there."

She is still so sweet and loving and puts her hands on my face, and with all the feeling possible, says, "Mom I just love you SO much!", and "You're my best friend!".   She and Charlie are best friends too.  And she and Dallas.  And sometimes she and Evan or Sam.  At this point she'll launch into a long explanation about who she plays with and why, and why some people break her heart, etc., etc, etc.

But if I tease her and tell her she's full of baloney, she puts on funny faces and we laugh so hard.  Last night I hit my head on the wall as we were cuddling and that busted us up for 10 minutes.
Pat is excited that in scouts they have an LDS all female venture crew in Albuquerque for girls ages 16-18.  Venture crew does backpacking, rock climbing, white-water rafting and other high adventure things and we think it's neat that now girls can participate if they care to.  But so far, our girl is a princess.  She lacks coordination and can't even walk down the hallway without tripping over toys or bumping into walls and piercing our eardrums with her cries.

We have been having fun playing Sardines for family night activity.  That's like Hide n' Seek but where you hide with the person when you find them, hoping not to be the last one that finds them.  I hid under the bed and no one could find me for the longest time.  It was awesome because no one thought I could get under there for some reason.  Then Dallas found me, then Pat, and we just kept squishing under that twin bed silently until the last person found us.  Good times.


Christy said...

We love sardines too. The other night our "compound" (we live on a piece of property with about 6 houses on it) got together to have a bonfire and play. They also play a game that is a little more rough but your kids might have fun with. It is called zombies (although you could re-name it, lol). You get those glow in the dark bracelets and everyone puts one on, except the zombie. Then the zombie runs around and tries to get your bracelet. Once the zombie pulls off the bracelet, you become a zombie too. It goes until their is only one "human" left. As the kids get older it becomes a little more intense but it is a lot of fun. :)

Pat said...

During the camping trip I went on this last weekend with the boy scouts they played zombie tag, similar to your game but no bracelets and only tagging, no wrestling involved. Of course ours was over the hills around the campsite so it was more a hide and seek game than straight tag.