Wednesday, February 11, 2015

She's Five!

I can't believe Daisy is five!  I love my girl so much!  We started celebrating Leia's birthday at the Home Depot where they do a free craft for kids once a month.  It just happened to be on her birthday which was perfect!
Since it's almost Valentine's Day they had wooden heart boxes to make.  They sanded, nailed, and painted!

They get to keep these aprons and got a pin when the activity was complete.  Each month they come they bring their aprons and can get a new pin if they do the project.

I decided to do a party this year and we invited Lilly, Sasha, Bailey, and Heidi.  I drew a princess for "Pin the Crown on the Princess".  The girls loved playing this. 
We decorated cookies.  I was experimenting here with new frosting.

Musical Chairs.  They laughed their heads off.  Best when you don't take away chairs at this age.

Playing with the doll house.
If we HAD taken away chairs, Charles would have always won since he never moved.
Presents! (Family party later that night).
Caught Dallas with a Barbie.
Excited kids!
I told the girls not to bring presents, but some did, and at the most random times I'd look over at Leia during the party and she had just opened a gift without even asking!  She opened all three before the party ended, but it was fine; no pressure that way.  She thanked each giver and gave them a hug.  Charles thought all the girls were fantastic!  He ran everywhere they did.  Leia had a really good time until it was time to drive girls home.  She was tired and done and boy did we all know it.  She always says, "This is boring!" whenever she has to do something she doesn't want to or eat something she doesn't want to.  She talks a ton and explains things in a most intelligent and hilarious way.  She is her squeaking happy self most of the time!  Today she was at yoga with me doing all the moves on a mat right next to me.  I just love her!

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Christy said...

Looks like a fun party. I have done a lot of homemade "pin the tail" type games. They always go over well. So do treasure hunts. :)

My kids have done the Home Depot activities for a couple of years and LOVE them. Ben's parents would take them.

Dallas looks JUST LIKE Pat. I seriously thought it was a picture of Pat and I was thinking "man that guy still looks so young". LOL. He does have that baby face and look young but I was looking at the picture of Dallas. Once I read the caption I realized my mistake. Too funny. :)