Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow Day!

We've missed several days of school lately because of the snow.  Yesterday I finally was able to go out and have an adventure!  Evan walked about a 2 mile loop with me through the hills near our home and it was so nice I wanted to stay outside forever!!!  This was a medium snow day.  Sometimes we get more and sometimes less.  I love it.

Sam throwing snowballs at us.

Cactus flower.

Overlooking our house and our town.

The day before this I was driving around as all this was coming down.  My friends Kristie (from homeschool group), Julie, and Dion and I went to a homeschool meeting about dual credit for highschool and college.  We almost got stuck so many times and I was driving really carefully!  It was so much fun talking with them about what to do for highschool since we all have lots of kids and are trying to figure out what is best.  Kristie almost has 11!  Such a neat lady.  She just ran a marathon with her oldest daughter who is 14.  A lot I can learn from her.

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