Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Hulk

Life is sure busy right now.  Family, household chores, school for my older two, homeschool for my younger 3, my School (Pathway BYU-I), Ward Conferences, New Beginnings nights, organizing camp and youth dances, firesides, and activities, and many meetings.  Pat's still working overtime through March and going on campouts and other scout meetings, high council meetings, etc.  I've been trying to help a couple friends in hard circumstances, while finding time to exercise, plan meals, go to the pinewood derby, you know.  That's the short version of our schedules right now. 

I am more in love with this guy than ever.  He does so much to help around the house even after long hours at work and meetings.  Each day I read Bible in the morning with the kids, and he reads Book of Mormon at night with us all and I just love that he remembers to do that.  He reminds me of the dad in The Hiding Place.  It was nice to have a date recently that wasn't just talking on the drive to and from meetings.  (Though those are great too.)

Recently he called me from work at 9am and said both of his elbows just tore through his shirt.  It was a nice shirt, but it had gotten old and fragile.  So he made it through the day trying to keep his elbow holes hidden.  When he walked through the door at 5pm, he yelled like the Hulk and flexed so hard his elbow holes ripped all the way up and down the arms.  Then he ripped open the front sending buttons flying who knows where and we all laughed our heads off. 

I've cut as many things as we can in our schedules, by the way, because we clearly have too much, but some things I can't get out of for 3=5 more months and other things we don't want to change.   As we work along side remarkable and wonderful people in our callings we learn so much.  But as soon as I can, I will restore balance.  The stress of having so much makes me eat bad and my body suffers, not to mention our family time suffers.  In the meantime, I'm trying to learn to be stretched and ask for God's grace to make up the difference for what I can't do.  Like when I had only one or two babies and I could hardly handle that, but then as you go through life you stretch and can handle a lot more than you ever thought you could.  Still, sometimes,  I just eat chocolate, watch Lark Rise to Candelford, crack my knuckles and stay in bed muttering incoherently.

We loved getting this picture of Pat's bro Eric in the MTC.  The girl in the red is from our ward and so amazing.   We love reading Eric's letters.

 I drove kids from Sam's class on a field trip to the Round House in Santa Fe to talk to congressmen about funds for a building for our school.  Here the kids are photographed in front of the oldest church in the USA.  That's what the sign says!

Talking to their congressman.  Good kids!  They wrote their feelings about their school from their heart and then read the statements.
 Blow up wand from Grandma.
 Pinewood Derby!  This was a frustrating day for me. Pat was on a campout and I don't know how to do cars.  The kids lost most every race, but at least they don't care.   They love it.
 Sam all dressed for school!  It's been cold!

Sometimes you stir-fry some vegetables, add a curry sauce, and throw it over rice and it's fantastic!  This is an easy curry dish.  I'll add the recipe later.

For some reason, Dallas has been losing handfuls of teeth.  I didn't know 12 year olds still lost teeth and he seems to lose one a week!

My sil Kim is about to have a baby!  I am so excited!  And my sister will soon follow!  These are good times.

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Christy said...

What a fun story about Pat's shirt. Love it! I am so happy to see a loving, working relationship. The gospel is awesome and so are good relationships founded in the gospel. You guys are amazing.

Ben and I were just at Ammon's last pack meeting and we were talking about how happy we are not to have to attend pack meetings, or pinewood derbies. Sorry you had to do the cars. I would have no idea either. LOL.

I certainly understand busy schedules and it is always nice to look forward to the slow times. Don't get discouraged, it will all be okay. :)