Sunday, February 1, 2015

this n' that

 The kids are doing great at school!  I'm happy for them. 
 Stake Youth Standards night decorations.  A lot of work went into this night and it went great!  Grabbed some pictures before everyone showed up.

Snow leads to mud.  Mud leads to kids who don't give thought to their clothes or shoes.  Or my house!

 They were not permitted to enter until they'd stripped and rinsed out their muddy clothes.

My life as a Vegan.  Or, I should say, my week as a vegan.  It lasted about that long, but I'm always glad I tried new things!  I love my new lunches!
 I had to throw a fit to get a birthday party, but we finally had time for one.  I had gotten home at 7:30 after a solid day of meetings.  Now I have a lot of coupons for hair brushing and I like that just fine!

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