Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Charles had a birthday.  Shout hooray! 
 Smile Charlie!
 He says about 10 new words a day and I don't know if I don't remember my previous kids, but he seems smarter than them all.  Don't tell them! 
I was making him a bath and he ran across the house to the bathroom yelling, "Happy!" 

When we ask him questions, instead of saying "Yeah", he says "Lah".  He is currently a professional tackler.  Don't ever turn your back on him or he'll plow you over or do a flying jump onto you.  He says, "Drink water!", and "Mom, read book!".

I get this feeling he's just been able to talk forever and holding out on us.  He is the best boy ever.

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Christy said...

He is adorable and I LOVE the 'cheesy' grin. So cute!