Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life updated

Leia took a couple of bites of her sandwich and then she said, "Mom!  I'm teaching Charlie how to finish my food!"  Then she passed the sandwich to him, and he did.

Sometimes she walks by and I hear her talking to herself saying the funniest things.  "I need to learn to stand on my head.  I don't know yet!  I need to learn to stand on my head."  She talks in the brightest voice.

Or, when a pair of hand-me-down pants finally fit her, she said to herself,  "I KNEW I would get bigger!  I just knew it!"

Another project at Home Depot.  The kids love this!

A test D took recently that I thought was neat.  I mean look at that poem he had to memorize!

D got Charles this motorized fish for his bath.  He loves it and calls it Nemo.  It's especially great in the big bath!

We thought Charlie was pretty neat that he actually tried to color things instead of just scribbling.

This is me randomly taking pictures of the kids books.  I have a fear that I won't remember what my olders read when my youngers get that age.

Backyard fun.  They have a million tricks on the swingset. 

Sam and Evan digging a 5'x5' hole from the book Holes.

Pat is pretty much the most awesome guy ever.  Our washing machine broke and he ordered a part and fixed it himself.  Normally, for our brand, there is one repair guy and he would have charged at least $200 to come out to our house.  He changed the oil on our cars and he just finished teaching the computer programming merit badge to the scouts, and just keeps on working at all his other duties like crazy.  If not for him, I would have quit school by now.  After dinner each night, four of us ask him to help us with our math!  He is truly wonderful.  In so many ways.


Steph said...

Nemo! Charlie sure does love that guy. Also, I didn't know about his coloring skills. He's one of the coolest kids ever.
Lastly, you and Pat have the coolest kids ever.

Karisa said...

Thank you sister dear! You're the best!

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing the books! I can't wait to add to our library! :)