Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Every day we drive by the fire station multiple times.  But since we are huge Avatar- the last Airbender (cartoon) fans, Leia says, "When are we going to go back to the fire nation?"  And when she sees firemen, she says, "Fire benders!"

Charles spent all day yesterday calling me Evan because he thought he was funny.  Most of the time he says, "Hi Mama!" all day, but yesterday it was, "Hi Evan".  When Pat got home, Charles told him a long story about how we had gone to the park and how he played on the slides, etc.  None of it was true.

Charles has a deep voice and talks really loud.  Leia might be losing her name and nickname.  For some reason, Charles calls her Nora, her middle name.  I hoped to call her that from the beginning.  All day long I hear, "NO NORA!", "STOP NORA!".  But they play happily too.  Leia taught him how to say his name and he came out and said it to me a bunch of times.

Charles wakes up hungry as a bear and just tells me what he wants.  Butter!  Peanut Butter!  Egg!  Yummy egg!  Drink water!  Cereal!  Milk!  Cheese!  (He says an S all spitty, but he talks better than any of my kids at that age).

At night he very reluctantly lets his dad lay him down in his bed, but he always shows up in our room at night.  Sometimes 1/2 hour later and sometimes around midnight when he wakes up and wants to be sleeping with us.  This morning Pat said, "Charles really likes you.  No matter how much I move him away from you in the bed (because Pat sees I'm cramped along the edge) he just scoots back to you."  *smile*  Usually the first warning that he's climbing up into our bed is toys being launched at us so his hands are free to hoist himself up.  He's always carrying cars, trains or animals.

Charles is fiercely determined to not be left out.  If anyone mentions leaving somewhere he's shouting, "Mee too!"  If someone is getting a piece of cheese or banana or some other food, he shouts, "Mee too, nana!", or "Mee too cheese!".  

Charles comes to me wimpering that he wants to go outside but he's afraid the chickens will get him.  He conveys this by saying, "Side. Bak baks!"

This morning with my friend Tera we did a workout on balls.  Charles thought it was the best workout ever, because, BALLS.

As soon as the summer comes, I'm going to potty train him, because he really does seem more ready than my previous kids.  He always knows if he's potty or poopy.  Last night he teased Pat though...

“Poopy” (touches diaper)
Pat checks, “No, you’re not.”
“Yes Poopy!  Yes Poopy!  Yes Poopy!.....”

Then they had a yelling match about whether or not he was poopy.  

We were singing a song last night that had a lot of actions and he was dying laughing watching Evan.  We sang, "Here we go round the mulberry bush", and then changed to "this is the way we clap our hands", etc., stomp our feet, run real fast, pat our tummy, stand like a statue, do a somersault, etc.  Charlie loved it and kept saying, "Again!"

Leia laughed so hard she wet her pants 3 times.  Poor girl.  I wonder when she'll be able to laugh without having to change her clothes.
Charlie echoes everything Leia says and other people too.  If it's too long, he'll just say the last word.  I had him during a ward conference and we all sang, "I am a Child of God".  At the end, when we sang the last words, ..."to live with Him someday", Charles echoed in his loud deep voice "DAY".  It was so cute.

I love these funny little ones!


Christy said...

Pyper took a long time to stop having "accidents" because she would laugh too hard or be outside and not make it. The doctor said it was a small bladder and it would grow and she grows and soon she would be fine. It took a year or two but the doctor was right. :) Good luck.

I love the little comments about your kids. So cute!

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy. Good to know!